Human Services Dashboard

In the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd and the demands from community members to examine and dismantle institutional and structural racism in Kirkland, the City Council passed Resolution R-5434. This resolution lays out a number of commitments that the City of Kirkland will take to ensure the safety and respect of Black people in Kirkland. The transparency strategy in the resolution calls for the development of five public dashboards to allow the community and the Council to understand how the City is performing in a number of areas.  This Human Services Dashboard is one of the five dashboards.  There is also one related to Human Resources and three related to the Police performance. 
More information regarding the resolution and related actions may be found on the Ensuring the Safety and Respect of Black People page. At this time the Human Services Dashboard includes information that the Human Services Division collects. Additional data collection will need to be discussed with the partner agencies and the 15 other cities that utilize the same application and reporting portal. Please contact Human Services Manager, Jen Boone with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.