Human Services Grant Application Process

Human Services Grant Application 2025-26

The application portal on Share1App is now OPEN for the 2025-26 funding cycle. 


In 2023 and 2024, the City of Kirkland allocated approximately $2,600,000 each year to human services contracts; funding came from numerous sources and included one-time funding. The City of Kirkland has ongoing funding of approximately $1,700,000 per year to award in 2025 and 2026. Additional funding from one-time sources may also be available.


Please visit Share1App, the online portal for the Human Services Funding Collaborative and where all information about the application, required forms, video tutorials, sample application questions and reporting can be located. City of Kirkland staff is available to help with any questions related to the City’s process or the shared application. Agencies interested but not currently receiving funding from the City of Kirkland are strongly encouraged to reach out to a staff member to meet before applying.


Applications will be reviewed by the Kirkland Human Services Commission, an eight-member volunteer commission appointed by the City Council. Commission recommendations are finalized in August with consideration by City Council planned for September. Final allocation amounts will be approved and adopted as part of the City’s 2025-2026 budget process. City of Kirkland human services staff will notify agencies following City Council approval in December 2024.


To be considered for funding, an agency must:

  1. Meet minimum insurance requirements. Contact City staff for details.
  2. Regularly track and submit quarterly service reports and annual demographics and outcomes report.
  3. Serve City of Kirkland residents.
  4. Have nonprofit status or fiscal sponsor.
  5. Demonstrate nondiscriminatory policies upon execution of contract.
  6. The City will not fund agencies/services that are the legal responsibility of another public agency or funding source (however, the City may choose to augment the source).

The City of Kirkland recognizes the need to support agencies that meet the continuum of human service needs and welcomes applications from agencies that provide such services to City of Kirkland residents. In particular, the City recognizes the need to support homelessness and housing stability, access to basic needs, and behavioral health services. The City also recognizes the need to prioritize programming that centers Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community members and residents who have historically lacked access to a variety of human services and may be considered/identified as from marginalized populations. The Commission will use elements of the City of Kirkland Comprehensive Plan to guide its funding decisions.

Funding requests should reflect the funding needs of the program, not just an amount tied to what has been awarded in the past. While not every program will receive funding, this information helps inform our cities of what the actual funding need is for our local nonprofits. The City is well aware that there is a staffing crisis for many nonprofit agencies and that agency requests may reflect the need for increased funding to support living wages for staff.