Budget Documents

A full printed copy of the current budget document can be obtained at Kirkland City Hall.  The cost for each printed copy of the budget document is $20.00.

The links below are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) formatted pages. 
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Instructions for navigating the Budget PDF documents: The table of contents is hyperlinked.  To jump to a specific page or section from the table of contents, hover the pointer finger on the title or page number and click the mouse.  Click the page number on any page to return to the table of contents at any time. 

2023-2024 Budget
2023-2024 Budget Document(PDF, 41MB)

2023-2024 Preliminary Budget
2023-2024 Preliminary Budget Document(PDF, 40MB)
2023-2024 Issue Papers(PDF, 7MB)
2023-2024 Preliminary Service Packages(PDF, 42MB)

2023-2024 Issue Papers
American Rescue Plan Act(PDF, 583KB)
Parks Ballot Measure(PDF, 755KB)
Outside Agency Funding and Tourism Budget(PDF, 769KB)
Human Services Funding(PDF, 674KB)
Healthcare Program(PDF, 897KB)
Credit Card Fees(PDF, 315KB)
Fire Operations Overtime(PDF, 2MB)
Public Disclosure(PDF, 461KB)
Paid Parking Implementation(PDF, 6MB)
Development Services(PDF, 920KB)
Separate Water and Sewer Funds(PDF, 384KB)

2021-2022 Budget
2021-2022 Budget Document(PDF, 23MB)

2021-2022 Preliminary Budget
2021-2022 Preliminary Budget Document(PDF, 13MB)
2021-2022 Issue Papers(PDF, 4MB)
2021-2022 Preliminary Service Packages(PDF, 4MB)

2021-2022 Issue Papers
Resolution 5434(PDF, 98KB)
Revenue Option 2023-2024(PDF, 98KB)
Body Cameras(PDF, 835KB)
Contracted Jail Expenditures(PDF, 696KB)
Fire Ballot Measure(PDF, 224KB)
Fire Overtime(PDF, 699KB)
Credit Card Fee/Usage(PDF, 126KB)
Public Disclosure(PDF, 218KB)
Health Benefits Update(PDF, 322KB)
Human Services Funding(PDF, 487KB)
Outside Agencies(PDF, 226KB)


2019-2020 Budget
2019-2020 Budget Document(PDF, 30MB)

2019-2020 Issue Papers
2019-2020 Biennial Budget Community Engagement & Outreach(PDF, 4MB)
Capital Improvement Program Process Improvements(PDF, 5MB)
Credit Card Fees(PDF, 168KB)
EMS Transport Fee Analysis(PDF, 337KB)
Kirkland Jail Cost Update(PDF, 416KB)
Public Disclosure Resources(PDF, 841KB)
Impacts of State Legislation on Employee Wage & Benefit Costs(PDF, 335KB)
Healthcare Program Update(PDF, 462KB)
Pension Administration, Rates, Funding History & Forecast(PDF, 194KB)
Human Services(PDF, 584KB)
Outside Agency Funding(PDF, 191KB)

2019-2020 Preliminary Service Packages(PDF, 15MB)
2019-2020 Preliminary Budget Preview
(PDF, 13MB)

2017-2018 Budget
2017-18 Budget Document(PDF, 29MB)
2017-18 Budget in Brief(PDF, 10MB)

2017-2018 Issue Papers
Budget Balancing Strategies(PDF, 875KB)
Human Services(PDF, 906KB)
Outside Agency/Events Funding(PDF, 623KB)
Public Records Disclosure(PDF, 704KB)
Managed Risk Overview(PDF, 682KB)
Parks Facilities Sinking Fund(PDF, 881KB)
Jail Services(PDF, 775KB)
Fire Overtime(PDF, 870KB)
RCW 82.46.015 REET
(PDF, 879KB)

2017-18 Preliminary Service Packages(PDF, 7MB)

2015-2016 Budget
2015-2016 Budget Document(PDF, 54MB)

Introduction(PDF, 4MB)
Budget Summary(PDF, 3MB)
Performance Measures(PDF, 4MB)
General Government Operating Funds(PDF, 2MB)
General Fund(PDF, 4MB)
Special Revenue Funds(PDF, 2MB)
Internal Service Funds(PDF, 2MB)
General Government Non-Operating Funds(PDF, 653KB)
Non-Operating Special Revenue Funds(PDF, 835KB)
Non-Operating Debt Service Funds(PDF, 2MB)
Non-Operating Capital Funds(PDF, 1MB)
Non-Operating Trust Funds(PDF, 856KB)
Water-Sewer Utility Fund(PDF, 2MB)
Surface Water Utility Fund(PDF, 2MB)
Solid Waste Utility Fund(PDF, 994KB)
Appendix(PDF, 2MB)

Budget in Brief(PDF, 4MB)
2015-2016 Service Packages(PDF, 2MB)
2015-2016 Line Item Detail(PDF, 654KB)

2015-2016 Issue Papers
Street Lights in the Annexation Area(PDF, 1MB)
Risk Management Strategies(PDF, 4MB)
Public Disclosure Resources(PDF, 616KB)
Update on Fire Strategic Plan and Consolidated Fire Station(PDF, 1MB)
Human Services(PDF, 1MB)
Outside Agency/Events Funding(PDF, 2MB)
Council Retreat Follow Up(PDF, 1MB)