Traffic Signals Pre-Approved Plans


All details generated by the City of Kirkland's Public Works Department are representations of existing conditions. Discrepancies may occur and feedback is welcome, as we are always trying to improve the quality of our details. The Plans are Pre-Approved Plans. Please check with the Public Works Department to see if they are applicable to your project at this time.

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The following details were created and are maintained in AutoCAD.  They are presented in .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) and can be inserted into AutoCAD documents.

Typical Traffic Signal Labeling CK-TS.01(PDF, 28KB)
Typical Detection Layout & Numbering CK-TS.02(PDF, 21KB)
Controller Cabinet Foundation CK-TS.03(PDF, 21KB)
Signal & Service Cabinet Foundation CK-TS.04(PDF, 22KB)
Service Cabinet for Street & Traffic Signal CK-TS.05A(PDF, 544KB)
Service Cabinet Panelboard Schedules CK-TS.05B(PDF, 784KB)
Service Cabinet Component Schedule CK-TS.05C(PDF, 351KB)
Fiber Optic Vault CK-TS.06(PDF, 104KB)
Signal Head Clearance Detail CK-TS.07(PDF, 30KB)
Roadway Lighting Detail CK-TS.08(PDF, 27KB)
Service Cabinet Foundation  CK-TS.09(PDF, 180KB)
Tiny Service Cabinet CK-TS.10(PDF, 382KB)
Tiny Service Cabinet Foundation CK-TS.11(PDF, 184KB)