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Sustainability Master Plan

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What does it mean to be a sustainable community?

What are your priorities for environmental, economic, and social sustainability for Kirkland?

The City has numerous programs, initiatives and master plans that address certain aspects of environmental sustainability, such as the Surface Water Master Plan, the Transportation Master Plan, the Urban Forestry Strategic Plan, and the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan. However, the City does not have a central, functional plan that coordinates all of the City’s efforts of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. As a result, some City programs and strategies are not utilized or implemented to their full potential across all City departments.

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In 2015, the City identified in its Comprehensive Plan update the benefit of having a Sustainability Master Plan. Such a plan could identify best practices that allow Kirkland’s many sustainability strategies to be implemented, measured, and, if needed, adjusted to achieve a livable and sustainable community. The City Council identified the creation of a Sustainability Master Plan as part of the City’s 2019-2020 Work Program.

As a result, the City Manager directed City staff to consult with key stakeholders in our community, including Kirkland neighborhood associations, environmental groups, the business community, the development community, and others, to:

  1. Identify community priorities for environmental, economic, and social sustainability;
  2. Explore specific actions that the City might undertake to support the identified priorities; and
  3. Prioritize the action items in a clear implementation plan.

Clipboard graphicJoin the conversation!

During the spring, summer, and fall of 2019, the City will be collecting feedback through a variety of civic engagement activities, including neighborhood association meetings, focus groups, and community meetings to collect feedback on the Sustainability Master Plan. Upcoming events are listed on the right-hand sidebar of this page.

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