Neighborhood Services


The Neighborhood Services Program supports civic engagement for the City of Kirkland.

Civic engagement is the active participation of community members in seeking to make a difference in the civic life of the community, including having the ability, agency, and opportunity to be involved in decision-making processes that affect them. 

Civic engagement includes such activities as: 

  • Participating in a neighborhood association 
  • Attending a City Council meeting
  • Voting
  • Completing the Census
  • Joining in a community conversation
  • Volunteering and 
  • Serving on a Board or Commission.
In support of civic engagement in Kirkland, the Neighborhood Services Program supports:
  • Kirkland's Neighborhood Associations - independent non-profit organizations that serve to enhance the civic life of the Kirkland community.  The City of Kirkland recognizes 13 Neighborhood Association boundaries that encompass the entire geographic area of the City.  Neighborhoods are the building blocks of any city, and the City of Kirkland is enriched by these strong civic organizations that work alongside the City to improve the quality of life for everyone in Kirkland. The Neighborhood Associations webpage links you to your neighborhood association, contact information for neighborhood leaders, meeting schedules, and status of neighborhood projects/programs.
  • Kirkland Alliance of Neighborhoods (KAN) is a coalition of the City’s thirteen neighborhood associations. KAN is an effective voice in communicating neighborhood concerns to the appropriate City entity.
  • The Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP) was authorized by City Council in June 2014. The purpose of the Program is to re-energize neighborhood associations by empowering them to work collaboratively to identify, prioritize and address pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in Kirkland neighborhoods.
  •  The Neighborhood Matching Grant Program provides Kirkland neighborhoods the opportunity to apply for City funds to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.


Kirkland Neighborhoods: A Sense of Community

Kirkland is endowed with a beautiful physical setting, strong sense of community, and distinct neighborhoods each with its own unique character. The City Council and staff work closely with each neighborhood to provide high-quality services, support neighborhood associations, and respond to arising issues. This is at the heart of what gives Kirkland a sense of community.

Kirkland Neighborhood Association Map(PDF, 2MB)  

Join the Neighborhood E-Bulletin list serve to stay informed of events and issues in Kirkland's neighborhoods.

Go to Neighborhood Resources to obtain links to existing City resources aimed at providing you with the tools you need to stay informed and active in your neighborhood (e.g., permit activity in your neighborhood, tree and landscaping regulations, graffiti hot line, picnic/parade planning, and emergency preparedness).

The Frequently Asked Questions page directs you to the answers for commonly asked questions such as "How long can a vehicle be parked on the street?" or "Who do I call about a code violation?" and other important neighborhood-related questions.


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