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Off-Leash Dogs Areas

Off-leash dog on trail

Some of Kirkland’s dog owners are taking their dogs off-leash in Kirkland’s public parks or along the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

How should the City respond to off-leash dogs in our community?

Thanks for your comments!

During the fall and winter of 2018, the City collected feedback through a variety of civic engagement activities, including neighborhood association meetings, community events, and surveys. Thanks to all who shared your thoughts about off leash dog areas in Kirkland.

Stay tuned - the findings of our feedback collection will be published to this webpage and will inform City Council action in the coming months. We will report back on this webpage about the next steps for off leash dogs in Kirkland.

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Frequently Asked Questions (under development)

What off-leash dog areas currently exist in Kirkland?

The City of Kirkland contains two fenced off-leash dog areas, Jasper's Dog Park and the dog run at Edith Moulton Park.

What is the leash law in Kirkland?

The Kirkland Municipal Code contains three references to leash requirements:

  • KMC 8.9.500
    Dogs – Leash Requirement – Exceptions.

    All dogs within the city limits shall be required to be on a leash…when they are off the premises of the property where they reside.
    …dogs may lawfully be off leash in areas that have been designated by the city of Kirkland as “off-leash” areas.
    …dogs may lawfully be off leash while on another’s private property if…given… permission to let the dog off leash.
  • KMC 11.80.060
    Animals at large prohibited – Exceptions – Off-leash parks.

    The provisions of Title 8 of the Kirkland Municipal Code shall apply in all parks. It is unlawful for any person to allow or permit any animal owned by him or within his possession or under his control to run at large in any park or enter any designated swimming area located therein.
    …dogs may be allowed off-leash in designated off-leash dog parks, or in specific portions of parks designated as off-leash, or in designated parks during park hours that have been specifically designated as off-leash hours…
  • KMC 19.40.020
    Cross Kirkland Corridor use.

    All pets on trails shall be kept on leash and under the control of the pet’s owner or caretaker.

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