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Matching Grant Project Criteria

Project Criteria

  • Provide public benefit to the neighborhood.
  • Demonstrate a need and support for the project.
  • Fulfill Matching Grant contribution.
  • Take place within Kirkland’s neighborhood boundaries.
  • Involve neighborhood residents directly in all phases.
  • Accomplished in two (2) years or less.
  • Maintained by neighborhood volunteers (if applicable).

Important notes: Funds cannot be used to supplant the association’s operating budget. Funds may not be used for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election of any person to any office or for the promotion of or opposition to any ballot proposition.

Project Tips, Ideas, and Restrictions

The following project tips and ideas can help build community and make the most of limited Matching Grant funds. For example:

  • Partner with another neighborhood for your summer picnic.
  • Share equipment and/or supplies with another neighborhood for your summer picnic.
  • Procure donations for coffee, food, and picnic prizes from Kirkland businesses and acknowledge their contribution.
  • Donate left-over food from events to local food banks.
  • Choose picnic games and activities that do not need equipment or outside vendors.
  • Instead of mailings, use e-mail and/or your website to publicize special events. (Neighborhood Services event signs are also available.)
  • Go green when planning your neighborhood meeting or event. For example:
    • Use compostable products.
    • Find alternatives to Styrofoam.
    • Do not use balloons.
    • Use reusable containers for beverages.
    • Buy bulk items (reduces packaging).
    • Use recyclable tablecloths.
    • Mark at least one garbage can “Recycle.”

The following items will not be reimbursed:

  • Refreshments or supplies for neighborhood meetings
  • Costly or extravagant food items    
  • Alcohol
  • Police and Fire staff
  • Projects without prior approval
  • Gifts/cards to board members (or residents) 


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