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2012 Civics Academy

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Session 1:
-Kirkland 101: How the City Works for You (PDF 7 MB)
-Your City; Your Involvement; Your Voice (PDF 2 MB)

Session 2:
Demystifying City Finances & Budgets (PDF 449 KB)

Session 3:
Public Safety Services/Police Dept. Overview(PDF 4.69 MB)

Session 4:
Growth Management Act, Comprehensive Plan, Development Process (PDF 87 KB)

Capital Improvement Program (PDF 1,242 KB)

Session 5:
Parks & Community Services Department (PDF 8,000 KB)

Green Kirkland Partnership
(PDF 389 KB)

Kirkland's Streams, Lakes & Stormwater System (PDF 363 KB)

Be a Recycle-ista! Basic recycling tips (PDF 232 KB)
Kellie Stickney 
Communications Program Manager  
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425-587-3019 (Fax)

Update June 7, 2012

Thank you graduating class of 2012!  About 13 Kirkland residents attended most of the five sessions.

For educational presentations held as part of Kirkland Neighborhood University ("Neighborhood U"), click here.

Have you ever wondered how Kirkland government works? Do you want a better understanding of
City finances and budget? Would you like to learn more about Kirkland’s public safety services? Do you want to learn more about the purpose of the Growth Management Act and how it impacts land use, zoning, and capital planning? Would you want to hear how you can experience and support Kirkland parks, open space, and environment? Attend the Kirkland Civics Academy and be part of the first graduating class!

Sessions will include a presentation, question and answer, interactive learning exercise, and an opportunity to learn how you can become involved in Kirkland.


Session 1: Kirkland 101: How the City Works
Wednesday, May 2, Kirkland City Hall, Council Chambers 7-8:30 p.m.

City Manager Kurt Triplett will share the “workings” of the City of Kirkland as an organization, decision-making entity, a community partner. In this session you will also learn how your voice can be heard with elected and appointed officials and staff. As a practice in addressing elected officials, attendees will role play as Council Members and as hear from "citizens" speaking from the podium.


Session 2: Demystifying the Mysteries of City Finance and Budget
Wednesday, May 16, Kirkland City Hall, Peter Kirk Room, 7-8:30 p.m.

Finance Director Tracey will separate the fact from fiction and describe the art and science behind the City’s finances and budget. You’ll learn just how much money the City receives from property taxes that support city services. As a learning experience, participants will role play as City Council Members in an exercise to “Close the Budget Gap.”


Session 3: Public Safety Services are a Top Priority
Wednesday, May 23, Kirkland City Hall, Peter Kirk Room, 7-8:30 p.m.

Residents continue to identify public safety services such as police, fire, and emergency medical services, as their number most important city services. Gain insight from police, fire/emergency medical, and court staff members who will share “a day in the life” experiences. The Kirkland Fire Department will simulate a cardiac arrest to show you the complexities of patient response. Check out the “Fire Safety” trailer before and after class.


Session 4: Introduction to Land Use, Zoning, and Capital Project Planning
Wednesday, May 30, Kirkland City Hall, Peter Kirk Room, 7-8:30 p.m.

Believe it or not, land use and capital project planning start with the Growth Management Act (GMA). Learn why the City has to ensure it provides housing, transportation infrastructure, and environmental protection to support future growth in Kirkland. Hear how the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) supports GMA and how you can comment on a capital project that is being proposed, constructed, or completed. Find out about the development process works with various types of permits. In the interactive session, students will have an opportunity to prioritize capital improvement projects.


Session 5: Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Environment: Experience it!
Wednesday, June 6, Kirkland City Hall, Council Chambers, 7-8:30 p.m.

Many agree that Kirkland’s parks and open space add to the quality of life for those who live, work, and visit. The City’s commitment to active living and protection of our environment is evident by the vast array of recreation programs, comprehensive water quality protection programs, and multiple environmental stewardship opportunities. In this session, students will learn how park planning turns visions into realities, about unique and fun recreation opportunities, why caring for Kirkland’s waters is vital, and about how to become a recycle-ista! Students will participate in an instant poll about the future of parks and a quiz about how they support the environment.

Attend one, some, or all of the sessions. Registration is encouraged as class size is limited to 30 participants per session. Topics and interactive sessions are subject to change.

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