Hug a Tree for Earth Month

Published on April 14, 2022

Volunteers planting a tree

Happy Earth and Arbor Month! Trees are one of Kirkland’s greatest natural assets, not only in our local forests but also in our neighborhoods and in our yards. Kirkland is a Tree City USA and the City continues to restore our urban forest and natural areas through the Green Kirkland Partnership program.

You can lend a hand to keep our forests healthy in Kirkland by volunteering at a Green Kirkland Partnership stewardship event at a park near you! Check out the Green Kirkland calendar to register and for more details.

You can also help improve our urban forest on your own property. Did you know that the City of Kirkland has a tree rebate program? You can receive rebates up to $500 for planting qualifying trees on your property! Learn more at

Trees are the workhorses of our landscape, quietly providing many benefits to the environment and our daily lives. These benefits include:

  • Trees clean our water. Trees capture rainwater in their canopy and roots slowing the flow of rainwater runoff, which reduces flooding and erosion.
  • Trees keep us cool. Buildings shaded by trees need less energy for cooling, reducing utility bills in the summer. Streamside trees help keep the water cool for fish and other aquatic wildlife.
  • Trees clean the air we breathe. Trees are natural air filters! Leaves collect dust and other particulates from the air, reducing pollution that can damage our lungs.
  • Trees improve our mental health. Feeling down? Take a walk in the woods. Research studies show that access to nature and green space yields greater mental health overall.
  • Trees fight climate change. Trees help reduce the effects of climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.

So, when you walk by your favorite tree, give it a hug, a high five, and a thank you!

Every year, Kirkland recognizes April as Earth Month to honor the value of our environment and natural spaces. The City, partner organizations, and community volunteers are offering many opportunities for the Kirkland community to contribute to our city's environment and learn about more sustainable ways to live. Join us to celebrate Earth Month and visit the City of Kirkland Earth Month website for more information!

Photo Credit: Andy Watson


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