Tree Planting Rebates

DEADLINE EXTENDED: The Tree Rebate Submission Deadline has been extended to 11/30/22 and all Certificates expire 11/30/22.

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Trees help prevent flooding in our neighborhoods, provide shade for our homes, and help filter pollutants to provide clean water for Lake Washington.  

As trees grow and mature, their environmental benefits increase. The larger canopies and root systems of mature trees can soak up rainwater runoff now, while planting new trees can help us in the long-term. This is why it is so important retain existing trees in addition to planting new ones.

Rebate Information

City of Kirkland provides rebates or certificates up to $150 per tree, with a maximum total of $500 per property in 2022. Rebates or certificates cover:

  • The cost of trees (delivery and installation not included)
  • Necessary amounts of compost soil amendments and mulch top dressing in the immediate area around the tree (generally 2-3 bags of each)
  • Watering bags to help trees survive summer months

Rebates and certificates are limited to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 per property.  Funds are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until the 2022 program funds run out. Details regarding the process and eligibility are below. Trees must be planted and rebate form submitted before 11/30/22. Certificates expire 11/30/2022.

What's the difference between a rebate and a certificate?

Rebate Certificate
  •  Must pay money out of pocket and wait to receive rebate check in the mail. 
  • Little to no out-of-pocket costs. Certificates are pre-paid for use at participating nurseries.  
  •  Freedom to purchase trees from anywhere. 
  •  Must purchase trees from participating nurseries. 


Rebate Process

1) Take and Pass Online Tree Planting Course

Participants must take and pass (score greater than 70%) Kirkland's online tree planting course to help ensure trees survive and thrive on your property.  

Upon completion and passing of the course, City staff will email you to follow up on next steps. Do not buy or plant your tree yet. 

Take the online course

2) Purchase and Plant Your Tree

Trees on this Kirkland Tree Rebate List(PDF, 368KB) are pre-approved. The name on the nursery tag must exactly match the name on the list.

Be sure to always call 811 at least 48 hours prior to planting to locate buried utilities. Follow the City of Kirkland's Tree Planting Guide(PDF, 8MB) when you plant your tree(s). 

City of Kirkland staff may approve other trees not on this list on a case by case basis. In general, trees must have a minimum mature height of 15 feet and a mature canopy width of at least 10 feet to potentially qualify. If a tree you are interested in planting is not on the list, you must receive approval from City of Kirkland staff prior to purchasing plants. 

You will not receive rebates if you choose a tree not on the list without approval first. If you have questions about your tree selection, please email prior to purchasing.  

3) Submit Rebate Form

After your tree planting is complete, complete the online rebate form and be prepared to submit the following items:

Online Rebate Form

City staff may also need to physically inspect your tree planting on a case by case basis. Advance notice will be provided and COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. 

After approval of your rebate paperwork, you can expect a check from the City in 2-3 weeks! 



Certificate Process

1) Take and pass online tree planting course

Participants must take and pass (score greater than 70%) Kirkland's online tree planting course to help ensure trees survive and thrive on your property.  

Upon completion and passing of the course, City staff will email you to follow up on next steps. Do not buy or plant your tree yet. 

Take the online course

2) Visit a WSNLA Nursery

Go to a participating WSNLA nursery to get a cost estimate. Obtain price information for:

  • The kind of tree(s) you want to plant, taking note of the common and scientific names of each species
  • Necessary amount of compost/mulch (generally 2-3 bags/tree)
  • Watering bags (2 bags per tree max)

Feel free to talk to nursery employees for tree and soil amendment recommendations. 

Note that vouchers can only be used to buy trees, necessary amounts of compost and mulch amendments, and watering bags. Plants, shrubs, bushes, and flowers are not allowed in this program. Vouchers cannot pay for delivery or installation.



3) Submit Certificate Application

Complete the Online Tree Certificate Application with as much detail as possible. Be ready to provide the common and scientific names listed on the nursery tag, as well as the total estimated cost from the nursery for all materials. Your certificate will be issued for the exact amount you specify on the certificate application. You should also be ready to submit a signed maintenance agreement(PDF, 96KB)

Staff will review your application and, if approved, mail you your certificate and approval letter within 2 weeks. 

Tree Certificate Application

4) Kirkland Mails Certificate

If your application is approved, Kirkland staff will mail your tree certificate within 2 weeks of the application. 

5) Purchase and Plant Tree

Bring your certificate and approval letter with you back to the nursery to purchase your tree(s) and supplies. You have until 11/30/2022 to use your certificate. 

When you are done planting, send a photo of your planted tree(s) to


Program Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

  • Trees rebates cannot be used to remove/replace existing trees on the property. Properties with a tree removal issued in the previous 12 months will only be eligible for 50% of the normal rebate/certificate.
  • Trees must be planted within Kirkland City Limits. 
  • Trees must be planted on property you own. If you do not own the property (i.e. tenant or renter) you must obtain written permission from the owner to plant trees. 
  • Trees must be planted on your private property and not in the City right of way. Use the Kirkland Map Browser to see your approximate property boundaries. 
  • Tree planting that is required to meet a condition of development, City Code, or permit is not eligible. Only voluntary tree planting is eligible for this rebate program. 

Tree Requirements

  • For the purposes of this program, trees are defined as woody plants whose height is greater than 15 feet and canopy width is greater than 10 feet at maturity
  • Trees must be selected from the Kirkland Tree Rebate Pre-Approved List(PDF, 368KB)
    • Trees not on this list may be approved on a case by case basis. Contact for tree eligibility questions. Trees planted that are not on the above list and have not received official approval from City staff will not be rebate eligible. 
  • The following trees are not eligible and are prohibited: English holly, European mountain ash, English laurel, Sycamore maple, Common hawthorn, Black locust, Tree-of-heaven

Rebate Requirements

  • Rebates are limited to $150 per tree with a maximum rebate of $500 per property per year. Rebates are limited to a $1,000 lifetime maximum per property. 
  • Eligible rebates cover the cost of trees, necessary amounts of compost for soil amendment, and necessary amounts of mulch to protect the soil. Rebates can also cover the cost of watering bags to help trees survive summer drought. Rebates do not cover the cost of delivery, installation, etc.
  • Participants must first take and pass (70% or higher) online tree planting course prior to purchasing trees. 

Rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until 2022 program funds run out. The maximum rebate of $500 is held for your parcel upon completion of the tree planting course. 

If your total rebate is less than $500, the remaining difference will still be held for your parcel but will depend on the overall program fund. For example, if your rebate is $300. You will potentially have $200 still to use for future tree planting. However, the remaining $200 is not guaranteed and program funds may be depleted or expire beforehand. If you plan to use your remaining funds, please contact for program status/approval prior to purchasing/planting your tree. 

Planting Requirements

  • It is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the tree is planted in an appropriate place on their property including:
    • At least 10 feet from buildings, 5 feet from property lines, 5 feet from pavement edges, 20 feet from streetlights and other trees, 30 feet from corner curbs, and 10 feet from underground utilities.
    • City of Kirkland is not responsible for or liable for any future damage caused by trees planted through this program.
  • The property owner is responsible for following tree planting and tree care best practices provided in the City’s Tree Planting(PDF, 8MB) and Tree Care(PDF, 3MB) guides. The City will not provide additional rebates/vouchers for trees that do not survive.
    • City of Kirkland staff will conduct annual follow up with participants to check on tree health and provide maintenance/care recommendations. 

Program Accomplishments

View the online dashboard highlighting the tree rebate program accomplishments by clicking on the image below:

Tree Dashboard Screenshot.png