Community Invited to Participate in the 2021 Tree Survey

Published on February 05, 2021

Aerial shot of Kirkland with fall color, rooftops and view of Lake Washington

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Joy Johnston
Interim Communications Program Manager

KIRKLAND, Wash. – The City of Kirkland is inviting the community to participate in a survey about Kirkland’s trees February 5 through February 19, 2021. The 2021 Community Tree Survey will help the City gather insight from the community about how to better manage Kirkland's urban forest and will inform the development of a work plan to guide 2021-2026 tree planting, maintenance and preservation efforts. The last Community Tree Survey was conducted in 2012.

Trees that grow in backyards and parks, along streets, and in forested areas are all part of an urban forest. Trees are important features in urban landscapes because they produce oxygen and improve air quality, reduce urban heat island effects, control stormwater runoff and soil erosion, contribute to human health and well-being, and provide wildlife habitat and bird migration corridors.

Many elements negatively affect city trees, reducing their normal life span and the benefits they provide. Because of this, urban forests need help to remain a functioning, healthy, and sustainable asset. The City is currently reviewing progress on the last six-year goals and developing priorities for the 2020-2026 Urban Forest Six Year Work Plan.

The City wants to hear from the community about maintenance of trees in parks and along streets, any tree-related concerns and issues, ideas for tree planting programs, and familiarity with Kirkland’s tree codes. The results will be presented to the City Council as they prepare to adopt the City's Urban Forestry Six Year Work Plan.

Go to  to take the survey and learn more.