City Advances Sustainability with Incentive Program for KPD

Published on May 24, 2023

05242023 KPD EV program

Media Contact:
Sue Romero
Communications Program Coordinator
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KIRKLAND, Wash. – The City of Kirkland and the Kirkland Police Guild have launched an innovative partnership that will help retain and recruit the best officers at the Kirkland Police Department (KPD) while also advancing sustainability goals by reducing fossil fuel emissions. This partnership helps implement the City’s Sustainability Master Plan to electrify the City’s fleet vehicles and support vehicle electrification in the community. The Kirkland and Guild agreement keeps Kirkland a best-in-class employer for police and improves on the current practice of local police departments providing take home patrol vehicles for officers. No later than July 1, 2023, the City will lease electric Hyundai Konas provided by Seattle Hyundai for commissioned officers to reduce the cost of commuting between their home and the Kirkland Justice Center. Officers may also receive an equivalent monthly stipend if they lease or buy their own electric vehicle.

“It has become an industry standard to issue patrol vehicles to officers to commute to and from home,” said Kirkland Councilmember Jon Pascal. “Patrol vehicles are expensive to purchase, equip, and maintain. This partnership is a more economical and environmentally friendly way to offer a take-home vehicle incentive. Kirkland is committed to both providing excellent public safety and to taking bold actions for sustainability. This is a win for our officers, a win for the City, and a win for the environment.”

The electric take-home vehicle fleet program will be active until at least June 2026 and is part of the recent agreement reached between the City and the Kirkland Police Guild. To be eligible for an electric take-home vehicle, commissioned officers must reside outside the cities of Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Kenmore, Bothell, or Woodinville and must live further than 10 miles from the Kirkland Justice Center. Eligible commissioned officers that own electric vehicles that they currently use to commute will be eligible to receive a $500 per month premium in lieu of a City-assigned electric vehicle as long as the electric vehicle is used to commute to work. Commissioned officers who reside in Kirkland, a neighboring city, or within 10 miles of the Kirkland Justice Center will be eligible to receive a $500 per month proximity housing premium instead of the electric vehicle benefit.

“The Kirkland Police Department, like other agencies across the region and country, has struggled to both retain our incredible officers and recruit the best candidates,” said Kirkland Police Chief Cherie Harris. “We know housing costs on the Eastside are a challenge for our officers and providing this benefit helps ensure that Kirkland’s officers remain top tier. I’m grateful for the partnership with Seattle Hyundai to make this innovative solution possible.”

Seattle Hyundai was selected as the preferred vendor through a competitive bid process earlier this spring. Criteria for the vendor selection included whether the proposed vehicles aligned with the City’s priorities and interests, the cost per month for the vehicles, and the ability of the vendor to meet a 3-month goal to deliver the vehicles.

“We’re honored to have been chosen to participate in this groundbreaking partnership,” said Jim Walen, Owner of Seattle Hyundai. “This innovative initiative can be a model for other communities to be a part of the green movement, and we’re excited to be a part of it.”

This new program is the latest action by the City at electrifying the City’s fleet, which already includes electric vehicles in the divisions of Building Inspection, Fire Prevention, and Public Works Development. For more information on this and other actions by the City at creating a sustainable future, please visit the City’s website.