Sustainable Business

people eating, talking and walking on Park Lane in downtown Kirkland, with sandwich boards and public art and sidewalk seating

Why is the business community important for sustainability?

A green economy is resilient, socially just, and follows a circular framework. When a large variety of businesses are located locally, community members and other local businesses can meet all or most of their needs for purchasing goods and services without traveling to another city. Businesses that operate sustainably reduce their environmental impact, including emissions, waste, and pollution, while protecting employee health.

How was Kirkland doing before adopting the Sustainability Master Plan?

What key sustainable business goals are included in the Sustainability Master Plan?

 woman setting out tables in front of a Thai restaurant on Park Lane in preparation for its Grand Opening Key sustainable business goals include:

  • Engage with Kirkland businesses on environmental best practices
  • Foster economic diversity throughout the community
  • Support and enhance the resilience of the Kirkland business community
  • Support the transition to an equitable, socially just sustainable business community in Kirkland

 How can the community help meet these goals?

  • EnviroStars-business-ECA-Thrift.jpg

    Patronize local businesses and service providers
  • Support green businesses (look for EnviroStars recognition, B corp certification, and green practices)
  • Encourage restaurants to compost food scraps, use durable dishware, and provide single-use items like straws or takeout utensils only by request