Community Food Scrap Drop-Off

Kirkland multifamily residents who want to compost now have a new option: a community food scrap drop-off program, now at two locations. Any apartment or condo resident who does not have access to a compost cart at their complex can bring food scraps to our drop-off locations in downtown Kirkland or Juanita.

How It Works: food-scrap-drop-off-city-hall.jpg

  1. Bring all food scraps, including bones, shells, meat and dairy.

  2. Use compostable bags like BioBags or paper bags, or dump food scraps directly from a reusable container. No plastic bags.

  3. Place food scraps in gray carts. All material will be composted by Cedar Grove.


There are now two locations for residents to drop off food scraps for composting: City Hall and North Kirkland Community Center.

City Hall — 123 5th Ave 

Gray compost carts are located in the loading bay on the south side of the building.


North Kirkland Community Center — 12421-103rd Ave NE

Gray compost cart is located in the rear parking lot, next to the cooking oil collection tank.

About This Program

We know that many Kirkland residents would like to compost their food scraps, but their apartment or condo complex might not be interested in or qualify for our on-site compost program. We are providing this community food scrap drop-off program, inspired by a program in New York, to provide better access to composting for our multifamily residents.

If you participate in the program, we would love to get your feedback! Email us at