Jail Location

The Kirkland Jail is located at the Kirkland Justice Center which also houses the Kirkland Police Department and the Kirkland Municipal Court.  

There are two entrances to the jail which are both located on the South side of the building which runs along NE 118th St. Press the call button located to the right of either door for entrance.

Kirkland Jail Visitor Entrance

Kirkland Jail Visitors Entrance is the southern door and is for on-site video visitation and approved in person visitation (see Inmate Information).


Kirkland Jail Bail/Bonds, Commitments, Inmate Release

Kirkland Jail Bail/Bonds & Commitments, Inmate Release is the northern door and is for all other jail inquiries.





Kirkland Jail Parking

Visitors to the jail can utilize the parking lot located directly in front of Kirkland Municipal Court, please do not park along NE 118th St in front of the jail doors. If you are turning yourself in for a jail commitment of 3 days or more (excluding work release) please arrange to be dropped off at the jail as there is limited parking available.