Goat Hill Development Moratorium

City Council adopted an emergency ordinance (O-4870) on February 6, 2024, establishing a moratorium on the issuance of permits for development of new dwelling units on Goat Hill. The moratorium, which is authorized by State law, will give the City time to study development and environmental issues affecting Goat Hill, including vehicle and emergency access, landslide risks, the protection of important environmental resources like streams and wetlands, and the potential need for restrictions on future development.

Goat Hill is an approximately 66-acre area located mostly in the Finn Hill Neighborhood, which is characterized by steep slopes, narrow access roads, and increasing amounts of primarily residential development. The City has sought to mitigate the impacts of development on Goat Hill by building new storm water infrastructure, adopting City-wide geologic hazard regulations, adopting Goat Hill-specific environmental review thresholds, and purchasing and protecting open space as it becomes available. However, significant concerns about the effects of development remain. A moratorium gives legislative bodies time not only to study issues of concern but also to adopt new regulations to address those issues while holding off on issuing permits.

What Does This Mean?

The moratorium, in effect from February 6 through August 6, 2024 (unless extended if additional time is needed for study), prohibits issuance of permits for new dwelling units on Goat Hill, including building and related land development permits. Dwelling units include new standard single-family units, apartments, Accessory Dwelling Units, cottages, carriage homes, duplexes, and triplexes. The moratorium is not a permanent halt to development, just a chance to study development and environmental issues and adopt new regulations if warranted.

During the moratorium, no new applications for dwelling units will be accepted or reviewed and permits will not be issued; however, complete permit applications received prior to adoption of the moratorium are not impacted and will continue to be processed. In addition, construction of dwelling units pursuant to already-issued permits can proceed. Issuance of permits for projects such as repairs, renovations/additions, franchise utility work and associated electrical/plumbing/mechanical permits would be permitted, as well as public infrastructure projects.

How to Get Involved?

A public hearing will be held in March, during which City Council will consider the proposed study scope of work to be undertaken during the study period, and general ideas for code amendments or other policy changes to address impacts of development in this area. Study topics will include critical area concerns, vehicle and emergency access, and other environmental issues.

Staff will then complete the studies and related analysis and bring the proposed regulations to City Council prior to August 6, 2024.

During the moratorium, staff will reach out to impacted community members to gather feedback and ideas. Updates and event announcements will be posted on this webpage.

How to Get Updates?

  • Sign up for Goat Hill update email list - To sign up for email updates, click here. This email group will keep you updated during each phase of the Plan update.

  • Submit thoughts and comments to the City - If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to Adam Weinstein (aweinstein@kirklandwa.gov; 425-587-3227) or Denise Russell (drussell@kirklandwa.gov; 425-587-3270)


Meeting Information

A virtual community meeting was held on Friday March 22, 2024. The recording of the meeting is below.

Goat Hill Community Meeting

City Council

Visit the City Council video archive page to view recordings of past meetings. 

April 2, 2024:  Next meeting date on the moratorium

February 6, 2024City Council Meeting