Continental Divide Mixed Use Project


Continental Divide Perspective.PNG The applicant is proposing to construct a four story mixed use building. The main building will have a single story commercial space along NE 85th Street and transition to 3 stories of residential units above a parking level. A single story commercial building will be located near NE 85th Street.

Meeting Information

View meeting packet information for the Neighborhood Meeting, Conceptual Design Conference (CDC), and/or the Design Response Conference (DRC) by clicking on the appropriate tab below.

Neighborhood Meeting

Neighborhood Meeting Hosted by the City of Kirkland - July 19, 2018


Conceptual Design Conference - December 4, 2017


Design Review Board Decision - February 20, 2020

Design Review Board Meeting - January 6, 2020

Design Review Board Meeting - November 18, 2019

Design Review Board Meeting - August 6, 2018

Design Review Board Meeting - July 2, 2018

What is the Process?

  • Design Review Board: Review for compliance with applicable Design Guidelines
  • SEPA (Environmental): Review potential environmental impacts
  • Traffic: Review potential traffic impacts
  • Building Permit: Review for compliance with City Building Code, Zoning Code and Public Works Standards



8505 132nd Avenue NE, Kirkland 98033  View Map

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