Kirkland 2044 Comprehensive Plan Update


The City of Kirkland 2044 Comprehensive Plan update process will help us guide growth over the next 20 years. Simultaneously the Transportation Master Plan is being updated. Add your voice to the conversation and help us shape how Kirkland looks in the future.

Join the Conversation
There are countless ways you can get involved: 
  • Sign up for the K044 Comprehensive Plan email list on this webpage to receive updates about upcoming events and activities 

  • Do you own a business or work in Kirkland? Participate in an economic development focus group being formed now. See Economic-Development-Focus-Group-Flyer(PDF, 286KB)   for more information or email/call Katie Hogan or 425-587-3289.

Learn more about the Comprehensive Plan Update Process

Frequently Asked Questions - Planning Process

Frequently Asked Questions- See informational handoutKirkland2044_FAQs-Handout_FINAL_02.03.2023-1.pdf(PDF, 252KB) about the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Master Plan update. 

Planning Process and Phasing
The update process will be an opportunity to revisit the policies in the Comprehensive Plan to see if they are still relevant, need revising per State, Regional, and County requirements. Public comments received during the process will be considered and incorporated into a revised Comprehensive Plan and related code amendments. The Planning Commission will hold meetings and a public hearing on the draft Plan in 2024. The Planning Commission will make a recommendation to City Council for a final decision on the amendments in mid 2024.
Planning Process Phasing Graphic 2023-2024(PDF, 90KB)

Community Engagement and Focus Groups

Community Engagement Opportunities

See the 2023 schedule below for community engagement opportunities for each chapter of the Comprehensive Plan and Transportation Master Plan update. Focus groups, surveys, events will be held to discuss each chapter topic area. Focus groups are currently being formed for different topic areas. Are you interested in being on a focus group? Contact Katie Hogan to get involved at or 425-587-3289.

Community Engagement Schedule In 2023(PDF, 109KB)

If you are a business operating in Kirkland, participate in the Economic Development Focus Group in October-November 2023. See focus group handout(PDF, 286KB)  for more information.


Key Themes

Key themes to be woven into the revised Comprehensive Plan Update Plan:

  • Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity & Belonging (DEIB) initiatives
  • Promoting sustainability to address human health, economic opportunity, climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental protection
  • Ensuring affordable housing options for all
  • Developing accessible and mobile connections within Kirkland and to the regional transit system
  • Advocating resiliency to future emergencies and fiscal planning for a thriving local economy
  • Guiding innovation, technology, and resilience in six areas: Transportation & Mobility, City Infrastructure, Digital Transformation, Built Environment, Community Engagement 

Documents, Community Engagement Comments, Presentations

January 11, 2023 Visioning Event- The City hosted a virtual Visioning Event on January 11th to hear what Kirkland community members envision for the City’s future. Here are 5 unique and thought-provoking ideas or opportunities to address challenges that we heard from community members to help us start thinking about Kirkland’s future:

  • Increase alternative transportation modes such as point-to-point shuttles, more charging systems, and rapid electrification of the City; rethink transportation corridors instead of just amending
  • Listen to people that can’t afford to live in Kirkland today or don’t have the opportunity to live here
  • More creative housing opportunities such as co-housing with shared resources; reinforce the idea of creative missing middle housing options and go beyond just duplexes and triplexes
  • Finding alternative ways to generate tax revenue as we transition away from a car-centric Kirkland
  • Set specific sustainability goal for a “Zero Carbon City by 2044” 

To view all the comments received at this event click on this community comments document(PDF, 807KB)


Community Engagement Plan(PDF, 5MB)  for Comprehensive Plan update-Broadview Planning 12-2022
Equity Review Report(PDF, 4MB) for Comprehensive Plan update EcoNorthwest 12-2022

City Council  briefing #2 12-13-2022 presentation
City Council 4-19-2022 presentation(PPTX, 645KB)
City Council briefing #3 7-18-2023 presentation(PDF, 2MB)
City Council Phase I Community Amendment Requests 7-18-2023 presentation(PDF, 1MB)
Planning Commission briefing #2 12-8-2022 presentation(PPTX, 3MB)
Planning Commission 4-28-2022 presentation(PDF, 5MB)
Transportation Commission 7-27-2022 presentation(PPTX, 645KB)
Transportation Commission 1-25-2023 presentation(PDF, 3MB)
Planning Commission 5-11-2023 presentation-Sustainability, Climate, Environment, Parks, Open Space Elements(PDF, 1MB)
Planning Commission 6-22-2023 presentation-Land Use Element-Transportation Master Plan update(PDF, 2MB)
Planning Commission 6-22-2023 presentation- Phase I Community Amendment Requests(PDF, 1MB)
Planning Commission 7-27-2023 presentation-Status update-draft Vision Statement(PDF, 2MB)

Kirkland Comprehensive Plan (adopted 2015)


Kirkland Smart City Master Plan

In 2023, the City of Kirkland is creating its first Smart City Master Plan to use innovative technology solutions for operational efficiency and to connect people. See the Smart City Master Plan handout(PDF, 1MB)   for more information.


Upcoming Meetings and Events

Visit the Planning Commission or City Council agenda pages to view meeting materials prepared in advance of the meeting dates listed below.  Please note the dates shown below are subject to change.