Senior Council


The Kirkland Senior Council (KSC) was established in 2002 to act as an advisory group to the Kirkland City Council. The KSC is a group of concerned citizens like you, dedicated to keeping Kirkland a safe and vibrant community for residents age 50+. The KSC advocates, supports and creates programs and services that meet the needs of adults age 50+ in the community.

Senior Council Meeting Information

*Please note: Meetings cancelled for March - October 2020

The Senior Council welcomes your ideas, questions and suggestions!

Meeting Agenda and Packets
Date Agenda Minutes
 November 10, 2020 November 2020 Agenda(PDF, 70KB)
February 11, 2020  February 2020 Agenda(PDF, 115KB) February 2020 Minutes(PDF, 366KB)
November 12, 2019  November 2019 Agenda(PDF, 57KB) November 2019 Minutes(PDF, 123KB)
October 8, 2019  October 2019 Agenda(PDF, 49KB) October 2019 Minutes(PDF, 126KB)
September 10, 2019   September 2019 Agenda(PDF, 59KB)  September 2019 Minutes(PDF, 129KB)
August 13, 2019  August 2019 Agenda(PDF, 59KB)  August 2019 Minutes(PDF, 100KB)
June 11, 2019  June 2019 Agenda(PDF, 58KB)  June 2019 Minutes(DOCX, 22KB)
May 14, 2019  May 2019 Agenda(PDF, 64KB)  May 2019 Minutes(PDF, 80KB)
April 9, 2019  April 2019 Agenda(PDF, 64KB)  April 2019 Minutes(PDF, 87KB)
March 12, 2019  March 2019 Agenda(DOCX, 31KB)  March 2019 Minutes(PDF, 79KB)
February 12, 2019  February 2019 Agenda(DOCX, 31KB)  February 2019 Minutes(DOCX, 17KB)

Senior Council Videos

The Kirkland Senior Council has produced and distributed a variety of educational TV/Video programs:

Falling into Fitness
Excel as a Pedestrian
Elder Abuse
Aging in Place in Kirkland