Pickleball in Kirkland

Pickleball game at Everest Park

The City of Kirkland is exploring ways to expand pickleball options in Kirkland.

Join us for the Kirkland Paddle Battle Pickleball Tournament on Saturday, July 27 at the new Houghton Park and Play!  Registration is $50 per team, register online at kirklandparks.net

Where to Play

Park & Location


Number & Type of Courts

Everest Park

8 AM to dusk

3 pickleball courts

Feriton Spur Park

8 AM to dusk

1 pickleball court

Houghton Park and Play  (formerly the Houghton Park and Ride) 8 AM to dusk 4 temporary pickleball courts

North Kirkland Community Center

Friday afternoons during the school year; call 425-587-3350 to confirm times

Indoor drop-in play on two modified courts; $3 fee; loaner equipment available

Van Aalst Park

8 AM to dusk

Dual striped basketball court; bring your own net

Nearby Places to Play


The City of Kirkland offers pickleball classes and leagues during the summer. Visit kirklandparks.net to find and register for our pickleball programs.



City of Kirkland Pickleball Court Rules

  1. All City of Kirkland pickleball courts are  available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. The use of pickleball courts for business purposes is not allowed, including lessons, leagues, or tournaments.
  3. Outdoor pickleball courts are available from 8 AM to dusk.
  4. Players must wear athletic or tennis shoes
  5. No pets allowed on the court
  6. No bicycles, scooters, skate boards, rollerblades, or skates allowed
  7. No glass of any kind allowed on the court


Everest Park Pickleball Court Rules

Open Play Courtesy Rule - if courts are full and there are players waiting, please limit play to one game to 11 points and rotate.

Houghton Park & Play Pickleball Court Rules

  • The two eastern courts (closest to parking) are challenge courts. If both challenge courts are full and there are players waiting, limit play to one game to 11 points and rotate.
  • The two western courts (closest to 116th Ave and the gardens) are timed courts. If both timed courts are full and there are players waiting, limit play to 30 minutes and rotate.


Rules of the Game

Basic Rules of Play - a summary from USAPickleball.org


Pickleball was started in Washington on Bainbridge Island in 1965 by Joel Pritchard, Barney McCallum and Bill Bell. The name came from Pritchard's wife, Joan.  She named it after the pickle boat in a crew race where the crew is chosen from the leftovers of other boats in the same manner that pickleball was pieced together with elements from other racket sports. The Pritchard's originally played on a badminton court with ping-pong paddles and a whiffle ball. Pickleball as named the official state sport of Washington in 2022.