Feriton Spur Park

Feriton Spur Park Station and Gardens

Feriton Spur Park is a linear park in the heart of Google's 6th Street campus along the interim Cross Kirkland Corridor trail in the Moss Bay neighborhood.

The park was renovated and expanded by Google and SRM Development in 2021-2022. The park includes a 16-foot-wide paved trail, a 44-foot pickleball court, an urban farm growing vegetables for Hopelink, bathrooms, a splash area, a zip-line, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court, and a grass amphitheater.

The amphitheater, known as the Kalakala Amphitheater, features pieces of the Kalakala ferry that debuted in 1935. Pieces of the ferry are also used in sculptures located at the amphitheater and park entry.

This park is maintained by SRM Development and Google.

Photos of Feriton Spur Park

See a video of the July 2022 Grand Opening Celebration.

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