Bench and Table Prices

 Standard/Common Mounted Benches and Tables A brand/style which can be found within most parks such as Peter Kirk Park, Marsh Park, Everest Park, Marina Park, etc.
 Greenway Contour Wood Bench $1600 
 Parkway Integral Wood Picnic Table  $2500
 Greenway Standard 8 feet Wood Picnic Table $2700 
 Heritage Park Benches and Tables
 Fair Weather, Tradition Series Wood Bench $2000
 Fair Weather, Tradition Series 6 feet Wood Table $2300
 Fair Weather, tradition Series 8 feet Wood Table $2500
Juanita Beach Park Benches and Tables
 Maglin Wood Bench without a back rest $2500
 Maglin Wood Bench $3500
 Maglin Wood Picnic Table  $3700
Mounted Recycled Plastic Benches and Tables This style of bench is for within open park space (not under shelters) of special park sites such as Rose Hill Meadows Park, Carillon Woods Park, etc.
 Greenway Contour Recycled Plastic Bench $1700
 Parkway Integral Recycled Plastic Table $2500
 Waverly Beach Custom Tables These custom tables are located along the water's edge. The "standard" style tables (and benches) listed above are the style of most amenities within Waverly Beach Park.
 Customized Wood Half-Tables $1750
 Unmounted / Portable Tables Examples can be found within picnic shelters and throughout Kirkland Parks  such as Everest Park, Rose Hill Meadows Park, North Rose Hill Woodlands Park.
 Greenway / Portable / Unmounted Wood Picnic Table $2700
 Greenway Portable / Unmounted recycled Plastic Picnic Table $3600
 Prices subject to change without notice.