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 The resources here are for Green Kirkland Stewards, volunteers and contractors.

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Restoration Resources

Planning stewardship

Annual Maintenance Schedule in Natural Parks by Parks Natural Area Crew(PDF, 81KB)

Plant Request Tips and links(PDF, 296KB) 

Plant Request List for Stewards(XLSX, 20KB)(XLSX, 20KB) 

Plant Request List for Stewards(PDF, 687KB)

Target Ecosystem and Plant Communities in Kirkland(PDF, 7MB)Useful for determining restoration targets and references in Kirkland sites. Created by GKP staff for Steward use.

Stewardship Plan Guide(PDF, 6MB) (Developed by Forterra, funded by USFS)

Rapid Vegetation Assessment Protocols(PDF, 142KB): Definitions and protocols for a rapid site assessment typically conducted by staff or trained stewards developed by Forterra. Used in conjunction with Site Inventory Data Sheet(PDF, 63KB).

Basic Site Assessment Questionnaire(PDF, 152KB): More basic than the rapid site assessment. Use in conjunction with a site visit from GKP staff to help determine restoration goals and planting plans. 

King County Native Plant Guide: Great resource for creating planting plans. You can see demo layouts and plant lists by habitat type. (Hosted by King County)

Green Cities Site Safety Toolbox - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design(PDF, 2MB) . Useful for planning plantings with site safety in mind.

Green Cities Plant Propagation Guide(PDF, 16MB) Developed by Green Tacoma Partnership staff via USFS grant

Plant identification

Burke Herbarium Image Collection and Identification Key (Hosted by UW Burke Museum)

Flora of Washington Checklist (Hosted by UW Burke Museum)

Green Cities Plant Guide(PDF, 13MB) Developed by Forterra 

Guides to help identify specific groups of plants:

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