LID Storm Facilites Pre-Approved Plans


All details generated by the City of Kirkland's Public Works Department are representations of current standards. Discrepancies may occur and feedback is welcome, as we are always trying to improve the quality of our details. Please check with the Public Works Department to see which details are applicable to your project.

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  • L-1, NOT USED
  • L-2, NOT USED
  • L-3(PDF, 138KB)  SWM Rate Reduction for Rainwater Harvesting


View LID Storm Facilities Pre-Approved Plans

The following details were created and are maintained in AutoCAD. They are presented here in .pdf format for viewing and can be inserted into AutoCAD documents.  

Bioretention Cell (Engineered Rain Garden) with Piped Inflow & Outflow CK-L.01(PDF, 145KB)
Bioretention Cell (Engineered Rain Garden) with Overland Inflow & Outflow CK-L.02(PDF, 155KB)
Bioretention Cell (Engineered Rain Garden) Construction Requirements CK-L.03(PDF, 41KB)
Bioretention Sample Plot - Sun/Partial Shade CK-L.04(PDF, 12KB)
Pervious Concrete Sidewalk CK-L.06(PDF, 361KB)
Pervious Concrete Detail CK-L.07(PDF, 150KB)
Porous Asphalt Detail CK-L.08(PDF, 355KB)
Permeable Paver Detail CK-L.09(PDF, 158KB)
Check Dam and Interceptor Trench CK-L.10(PDF, 36KB)