Kirkland Utility Relief Program

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The City of Kirkland is providing immediate financial assistance to Kirkland residents struggling to pay their utilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review the following information to determine if you qualify and learn how to apply for assistance. If you have received a notice to vacate/eviction notice, please contact: or (425) 587-3326.  

Language and cultural navigators are available to help access the City’s relief programs. These programs are made possible with funds through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).  

Select the Relief Program below based on your account type.

Residential Utility Relief

  1. Review the eligibility guidelines to determine if your household meets all of the program criteria, check the documentation requirements (see below). 

  2. Complete the residential application form

  3. Once your application is approved, you will be notified, and the City of Kirkland will credit your Kirkland utility account directly. No checks will be mailed as a part of this program. 


Your household may be eligible if you meet all the following conditions:

  1. Utility account with the City of Kirkland.

2. Household income between 0-100% of King County area median income (AMI). 


Family Size










Median: Very Low Income


















Median: Low Income




























Median: Moderate




































3. If you have questions about eligibility, please contact Utility Billing at 425-587-3150 or email:

*You do not need a Social Security number to apply for assistance through the City. 


  • ARPA COVID-19 Utility Relief Program Application 

  • Income verification and supporting documentation. Refer to income table in the "Eligibility" tab for income limits.  

Apply Now

Complete the residential application form

Have questions or need assistance? Contact Utility Billing at or 425-587-3150

Frequently Asked Questions

This section will be updated as we learn more about the program. Have a question that is not on here? Contact Utility Billing at or (425) 587-3150. 

  • I completed the application form, now what? 

Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified, and the City of Kirkland will credit your Kirkland utility account directly if you qualify.  

  • I don’t qualify for this program, is there anywhere else I can apply for assistance? 

The City has an up to date list of available assistance programs here.  

  • Do you need a Social Security number to receive assistance? 

The City received Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds to administer this program. There are no restrictions based on immigration status to receive this assistance. Receiving assistance from this program will not impact noncitizens seeking admission to the U.S. or applying for lawful permanent resident status (green card). For more information about this, check out the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s FAQ page on eligible for emergency assistance based on immigration status.  

  • How soon will I receive assistance? 

Timing may vary based on the volume of applications, but City staff will notify you as soon as we can verify eligibility.  

  • I’m not sure I qualify for assistance. Who should I contact? 

Contact Utility Billing at (425) 587-3150 or email at

  • I need assistance completing the intake form and/or application, who should I contact? 

Contact Housing Help at (425) 587-3326 or email:

  • I’m not currently behind on utilities, but will be next month, can I sign up now? 

No. This program is for residents currently behind on utility payments from 3/1/2020 to 2/28/2022.  

  • As the applicant will I receive the funds directly? 

The applicant does not receive the funds directly. Any eligible relief will be applied directly to your utility bill. Note: only amounts accrued from 3/1/2020 to 2/28/2022 are eligible for relief. 

  • I have arrears from before March 2020, do I qualify? 

No. For additional assistance programs check out the page here.   


Commercial and Multifamily Utility Relief

Information coming soon! Please email to receive information as it becomes available.