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Moss Bay Neighborhood Connection Projects

Neighborhood Connection Program 1999-2010:

The Neighborhood Connection Program invited residents to learn about City services, ask questions, and suggest neighborhood improvements. The purpose of the program was to:
  • Provide neighborhoods with the resources to address neighborhood needs.
  • Strengthen the relationship between City Hall and the neighborhoods.
  • Support neighborhood associations in expanding their membership.
  • Increase awareness of the City’s neighborhood services.
  • Build partnerships to improve Kirkland’s neighborhoods.

Every three years, neighborhood residents were given the opportunity to identify and prioritize improvements to their neighborhood. In ten years, over a million dollars of improvements (90 projects) were completed. City Council allocated $25,000 for each neighborhood’s top priority projects. Due to the economic downturn in 2010, the program was eliminated.

Residents are still invited to suggest Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) as the City prepares its six-year Capital Improvement Program.

Downtown Beautification/Project #72

MB Project 72

Project Year: 2007
Location: Downtown Kirkland
Description: Provide funding for additional flowers/plantings. Project contingent upon the Downtown on the Lake Association (or neighborhood volunteers) to maintain plantings. 
Cost: $2,000

Bench/Project #71

Project 71

Project Year:
Location: Lake Washington Boulevard
Description: Add bench at bus stop.
Cost: $1,200

Walkway Improvement/Project #70

MB Project 70

Project Year:
Location: Lake Washington Boulevard (along Lake View walk)
Description: Add milepost markers and location maps for walkers and joggers.
Cost: $3,000

Path Improvement/Project #69

MB Project 69

Project Year:
Location: 2nd Ave (between 808 and 830)
Description: Fill in ditch.
Cost: $5,500

Marina Park and Central Way Stair Improvement/Project #68

MB Project 68

Project Year:
Location: 25 Lake Shore Plaza and Central Way. 
Description: Fix stairs and add handrails.
Cost: $8,200

Street Lights/Project #67
Project Year:
Location: Exact locations to be determined by neighborhood and Public Works. 
Description: Add street lighting.
Project Phase: Cancelled

Crosswalk Improvement/Project #66

MB Project 66

Project Year:
Location: 6th St S (south of railroad tracks)
Description: Install overhead lighting at the crosswalk.
Cost: $6,000

Animal Sculptures/Project #50

MK Project 49a MK Project 49b MK Project 49c

Project Year:
Location: 3rd St and Kirkland Ave (Bear)
Central Way and Lake St S (Rabbit)
LW Blvd and Lakeview Dr (Deer)
Description: Leveraged Market’s Neighborhood Connection funding to help fill the gap needed to save the animal sculptures.
Cost: $25,000

Park Improvement/Project #19

MBay Project 19

Project Year:
Location: 7th Ave S and Lake St S (Brink Park)
Description: Replaced light fixtures in Brink Park to divert kids from jumping off light poles and create a more attractive atmosphere.
Cost: $4,500

Park Improvement/Project #18

MossB Project 18

Project Year:
Location: 7th Ave S and Lake St S (Brink Park)
Description: Connected sidewalk along Lake Street S to waterfront walkway at the north end of Brink Park.
Cost: $17,500

Downtown Beautification/Project #17

MB Project 17a MB Project 17b

Project Year: 2002
Location: Park Lane (between 3rd St S and Lake St S)
Description: Expanded color flower pot program by purchasing 20 pots to create a visual connection along Park Lane between downtown and Peter Kirk Park.
Cost: $3,000

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