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Lakeview Neighborhood Connection Projects

Neighborhood Connection Program 1999-2010:

The Neighborhood Connection Program invited residents to learn about City services, ask questions, and suggest neighborhood improvements. The purpose of the program was to:
  • Provide neighborhoods with the resources to address neighborhood needs.
  • Strengthen the relationship between City Hall and the neighborhoods.
  • Support neighborhood associations in expanding their membership.
  • Increase awareness of the City’s neighborhood services.
  • Build partnerships to improve Kirkland’s neighborhoods.

Every three years, neighborhood residents were given the opportunity to identify and prioritize improvements to their neighborhood. In ten years, over a million dollars of improvements (90 projects) were completed. City Council allocated $25,000 for each neighborhood’s top priority projects. Due to the economic downturn in 2010, the program was eliminated.

Residents are still invited to suggest Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) as the City prepares its six-year Capital Improvement Program.

Park Improvement/Project #62

LV Project 58
Project Year: 2006
Location: NE 67th St and 104th Ave NE (Terrace Park) 
Description: Resurfaced and enlarged sport court.
Cost: $19,000

Path Improvement/Project #58

LV Proj 58

Project Year: 2006
Location: NE Points Dr and LW Blvd NE (Yarrow Bay Park)
Description: Remove blackberries and invasive plants from encroaching on the public path, mulched and planted new native plants.
Cost: $6,000

Park Improvement/Project #39

L Project 39

Project Year: 2004
Location: 104th Ave NE and NE 67th St (Terrace Park)
Lake St S and 7th Ave S (Marsh Park)
Description: Installed two picnic tables at Terrace Park and one at Marsh Park for neighborhood picnics and gatherings.
Cost: $5,000

Crosswalk Improvement/Project #38

LV Project 38

Project Year: 2004
Location: 4555 Lake Washington Blvd
Description: Placed lighted overhead sign to alert drivers of pedestrian crossing at the crosswalk.
Cost: $20,000

Crosswalk Improvement/Project #7

Project 7

Project Year: 2000
Location: NE 52nd St and NE 43rd St (Lake Washington Blvd)
Description: Installed traffic island for pedestrian safety.
Cost: $17,000

Park Improvement/Project #6

LView Project 6

Project Year: 2000
Location: 104th Ave NE and NE 67th St (Terrace Park)
Description: Installed mutt-mitt dispenser for disposing of dog waste.
Cost: $350

Park Improvement/Project #5

LV Project 5

Project Year: 2000
Location: 104th Ave NE and NE 67th St (Terrace Park)
Description: Replaced existing swing with new tot swing and two adult swings and above ground wooden border filled with wood chips.
Cost: $6,000

Traffic Island/Project #4

LV Project 4

Project Year: 2000
Location: 103rd Ave NE and NE 67th St
Description: Installed traffic island for pedestrian safety.
Cost: $6,650


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