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2020 Projects

2020 Neighborhood Safety Program
The kickoff for the 2020 Neighborhood Safety Program is October 2019! Now is the time to get involved with your Neighborhood Association to select and prioritize your top two projects (combined under 50K) before December 2, 2019. Please see the "Suggest a Project" map for your neighborhood below. Each map shows the project locations of the suggestions (by neighborhood).

The maps are categorized by the following types of requests (please also see map legend):

  1. Study Intersection safety—which can include physical improvements to the intersection.
  2. Install Rapid Flashing Beacon.
  3. Add or Improve Crosswalk—although the requestor didn’t specifically request a rapid flashing beacon, the neighborhood can ask for one at these locations.
  4. Build Trail—some of these are on private property and would be more difficult to construct.
  5. Build Cross Kirkland Corridor Connection.
  6. Slow Traffic—these requests require speed and volume studies before the Neighborhood Traffic Control Program can implement speed control devices.
  7. Install Sidewalk—only small sections (300-500 linear feet) of temporary asphalt or gravel walkways can be done through this program. (Note: Sidewalk segments will be evaluated and prioritized as part of the Safer Routes to School initiative later this year.)

Note: "Suggest a Project" requests have not been reviewed by the City for Neighborhood Safety Program project feasibility. The feasibility analysis comes after the neighborhoods have selected their top two project ideas in December. Neighborhoods are not restricted to these requests. New requests can be added and included in your prioritization process.

Neighborhood "Suggest a Project" Maps
Central Houghton (PDF-1.7 MB)
Everest (1.6 MB)
Evergreen Hill (PDF-1.8 MB)
Finn Hill (PDF-2.5 MB)
Highlands (PDF-1.4 MB)
Juanita (PDF-2.7 MB)
Lakeview (PDF-1.3 MB)
Market (PDF-1.7 MB)
Moss Bay (PDF-1.9 MB)
Norkirk (PDF-1.7 MB)
North Rose Hill (PDF-1.7 MB)
South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails (PDF-1.6 MB)
Totem Lake (PDF-1.9 MB)

Citywide Map (PDF-12 MB)


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