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2017 NSP Applications

Central Houghton
CH-1 Radar Speed Signs (and reflective curb) on NE 68th Street and about 110th Street (PDF-356 kb)

EV-1 Intersection Improvements Kirkland Way and CKC Bridge  (PDF-798 kb)

Evergreen Hill (representing the greater Kingsgate and northeast area)
EH-1 Radar Speed Signs on NE 143rd Street and 132nd and 128th Ave NE (PDF-4 MB)

Finn Hill
FH-1 Crosswalk improvement at NE 138th Street and 84th Ave NE (PDF-864 kb) 
FH-2 Radar Speed Sign on 90th Ave and NE 131st Way to 94th Ave (PDF-911 kb)

HN-1 Trail/Bridge Improvements on 111th Ave NE at NE 95th Street (PDF-1.7 MB)
HN-2 Trail Improvement on NE 98th Street at 111th Ave NE (PDF-373 kb)

JN-1 Rapid Flashing Beacon on 100th Ave NE South of NE 122nd Street (PDF-2MB)

MK-1 Radar Speed Signs on Waverly Way (PDF-681 kb)

Moss Bay
MB-1 Walkway Improvements 5th Street S and 7th Ave (PDF-636 kb)
MB-2 Street Lighting 3rd Ave to 5th Place South (PDF-529 kb)

NK-1 Sidewalk on 7th Ave at 5th Street (PDF-3 MB)

North Rose Hill
NRH-1 Radar Speed Signs on NE 95th Street near 127th Ave NE (PDF-889 kb)

South Rose Hill/Bridle Trails
SRHBT-1 Intersection Improvements on 124th Avenue NE at NE 80th Street (PDF-582 kb)

Totem Lake
TL-1 Rapid Flashing Beacon 116th Ave at 125000 blk (PDF-724 kb)

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