Spring Rains Reveal Hidden Message at Marina Park

Published on May 19, 2022


Those willing to brave spring showers and take a waterfront walk at Marina Park will notice artwork beneath their feet, revealed by raindrops. The message, “Only Rain Down the Drain. The Lake Starts Here,” is surrounded by swirling schools of giant salmon on the park walkway.

In partnership with RainWorks, Kirkland Public Works recently installed eco-friendly sidewalk art. It only reveals itself when exposed to water and encourages all Kirkland community members to help protect Lake Washington.

We all have a part to play to protect and improve the quality of water in our local creeks, lakes, and wetlands. Rainwater that runs off our yards and streets flows into storm drains and directly to Kirkland’s creeks, wetlands, and Lake Washington without treatment.

Through simple actions in our daily lives, we can help keep pollutants out of rainwater runoff and keep our local waterways clean and healthy.

RainWorks installations usually last for just a few weeks, so hurry down to Marina Park on the next drizzly day for your chance to catch this creative art.

Public Works Week 2022.bmp Learn more at kirklandwa.gov/cleanwater.

This public art project is brought to you by our Public Works team. This week is National Public Works Week, and this year’s theme is "Ready & Resilient," celebrating the superheroes that work within every public works professional. Protecting Kirkland’s waterways is just one of the jobs of this versatile City department. Other responsibilities include spill prevention and response, transportation and paving, solid waste management and recycling, capital projects, and maintaining public grounds and the City’s vehicle fleet.

We want to thank the 145 employees in our Public Works Department who keep us moving by caring for our infrastructure to keep Kirkland healthy, safe, and vibrant!


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