LWSD’s Cassandra Sage Awarded City Council Certificate of Appreciation

Published on December 16, 2021

Cassandra Sage Image

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David Wolbrecht
Communications Program Manager

KIRKLAND, Wash. – This week, the City Council awarded its Certificate of Appreciation and the Mayor’s Outstanding Service Award to Cassandra Sage for her service on the Lake Washington School District School Board of Directors for the past four years.

“The Council is grateful for Cassandra’s dedication to and advocacy for our Kirkland students and families,” said Councilmember Jon Pascal.  “She spent countless hours working to improve the District's social and behavioral support systems to allow all students to be successful.  She served during a period that was arguably one of the most difficult times to be a Board member, helping LWSD re-open its schools with the well-being of students and staff as the priority.”

The Mayor’s Outstanding Service Award formally recognizes individuals’ valuable contribution to the community with their talent and dedication. The award recognized Sage’s demonstrated, sustained excellence and service during COVID-19’s impact on the Lake Washington School District and educational system at large.  Similarly, the Council’s Certificate of Appreciation expresses gratitude for a community member or group for their outstanding contribution to the Kirkland community.  Councilmember Pascal presented both awards to Sage earlier this week. 

Sage is a Kirkland resident and was elected to the LWSD School Board in 2017.