Kirkland Police Bust Illegal Drug Operation

Published on September 06, 2022


Media Contact: Officer Tiffany Trombley
Kirkland Police Department

Case/Incident #22-23720

KPD Assisted by US Postal Inspector Service

Kirkland Police Department (KPD) is working with the U.S. Postal Inspector Service (USPIS) to investigate an illegal anabolic steroid drug distribution operation. Four suspects have been identified and three arrests have been made.

On August 25, 2022, KPD and USPIS served a search warrant at a Kirkland residence in the Kingsgate neighborhood. They uncovered a sophisticated illegal drug distribution operation that included large amounts of anabolic steroids, packaging, distribution lists, chemicals and other accessories to produce and ship anabolic steroids throughout the U.S. KPD also seized cash, vehicles and other high-end valuables from the illegal operation.

The investigation began in July, when Kirkland’s Pro-Act Unit - undercover officers focused on illegal drugs, burglaries, and other property crimes – and USPIS began investigating a Kirkland resident suspected of distributing steroids through the mail. Through surveillance, investigators established a pattern with the suspect’s daily movements that uncovered additional criminal activity.

In mid-August, KPD intercepted packages set for delivery to more than 90 individuals across the country. The packages contained anabolic steroids in multiple forms: pills, powder, and liquid (see photos).

The Kirkland Police Department would like to thank USPIS for its assistance in bringing this illegal drug enterprise to an end.

KPD’s Pro-Act Unit was funded by the passage of the Enhanced Police Services and Community Safety Ballot Measure (Proposition 1) in 2018. 


Intercepted box of illegal anabolic steroids


Containers of illegal anabolic steroid pills and powder


Firearm seized during warrant application