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All Things Cross Kirkland Corridor September 2015 Update

September 21, 2015

City Council authorizes funding for conceptual design of Bus Rapid Transit on the CKC

At its September 15 meeting, the City Council approved funding for the conceptual design of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on the CKC. The City has a long commitment to the CKC being a multiple purpose transportation corridor and the adopted CKC Master Plan includes conceptual that transit service necessary to create mobility alternatives and support the economic development growth.   The funding request will allow the City to develop a smaller scale, less impactful and less expensive design of BRT. To view video from the Council’s meeting, go to, search “Watch Council Meetings,” and select “09/15/15 Video,” select Item 10b/Cross Kirkland Corridor Update.

Recently, with input from City of Kirkland officials, the Sound Transit (ST) Board advanced two projects that matter the most to Kirkland for further consideration on the ST3 ballot measure coming to voters in November 2016. The two added concepts are now part of the ST3 candidate projects list. Kirkland leaders have expressed support for the vision of light rail from Totem Lake to Issaquah, via Bellevue along the Eastside Rail Corridor. At the same time, the City asked that Sound Transit evaluate the option of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along the segment of the Eastside Rail Corridor between Totem Lake and Bellevue to provide service sooner and more cost-effectively. This request was added as candidate Project E-06 and was advanced by the ST Board for further study.

New Family Fitness and Play Area on the CKC

Have you checked out the new sand volleyball court, turfed basketball court and cross fit training area? A community celebration was held on August 31 to welcome the new Family Fitness and Play Area on the CKC by the Google campus. The improvements were funded by Google and constructed by SRM Development. Look for the playground and children’s zip line to be installed soon! We will “See you on the CKC!”

Design Update: South Kirkland Park and Ride pedestrian, bicycle, and ADA accessible Bridge & Elevator

A pedestrian, bicycle, and ADA-accessible bridge is being designed for the South Kirkland Park & Ride Transit Oriented Development (TOD). Design for the project is nearing 60% completion. The project will install a passenger elevator and stair tower adjacent to the King County Metro Transit’s parking garage located at the south end of the CKC. The bridge will provide an ADA-accessible pedestrian route connecting the CKC to the Park and Ride. Funding for this project is supported by the State’s budget (through the Projects for Jobs and Economic Development Program) and from the City of Kirkland and King County. It is anticipated that this project will become a gateway to the south end of the CKC. View So. Kirkland Park and Ride Bridge schematic drawings. (PDF)

Just about done: Rail removal and overlay at 124th Avenue NE and Totem Lake Boulevard

The rails have been removed, the overlay is complete and adjacent concrete driveway ramps and sidewalks are nearly complete. 

Houghton/Everest Shopping Center bridge and trail connection

The bridge and trail connection are currently in the final design/permitting phase and construction is anticipated to start in the next month. Wetland mitigation is being done through a Puget Sound Energy (PSE) mitigation program at no cost to the City. Invasive plant material will be removed in October with final planting (of more than 200 plants) scheduled for late this year or early spring of 2016. 

Top Priority: Improvements coming to the CKC Interim Trail

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) plan and access: The City has been working on both a long-range ADA plan and looking for opportunities for quick wins. SRM Development at Google installed the first ADA accessible parking stall on the east side of 5th Place (along with 7 other parking stalls). The connection to the Houghton/Everest Shopping center will include a second ADA stall. With minimal effort (approximately $3,000 each), the City can install ADA stalls at 128th Lane NE, 120th Avenue NE, NE 112th Street, 110th Avenue NE, NE 87th Street, and Kirkland Avenue.The east west elevation change along the southern quadrant of the corridor makes installing ADA ramps south of NE 68th Street more complicated.
  • Runnel at Crestwoods Park connection:The stairs leading to Kirkland Middle School are steep and can be challenging for middle school children walking their bikes.The community has requested a runnel to make it easier and safer for getting to and from school on bikes. This improvement has not yet been scheduled.

To learn more about other priority CKC projects, read the September 15 staff memo to the City Council. (PDF)

Preliminary Capital Improvement Program supports CKC Master Plan

In July 2015, the City Council got its first look at the 2015-2020 Preliminary Capital Improvement Program (CIP)[PDF]. The CIP is a plan that addresses construction, repair, maintenance and acquisition of major capital facilities and equipment. The preliminary six-year CIP (2015–2020) proposes to fund a number of projects that support the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan. There was a public hearing on the preliminary CIP at the September 1 City Council meeting. This and subsequent CKC Updates will highlight projects in the proposed Capital Improvement Program related to the CKC.

  • NE 52nd Street Sidewalks: Kirkland received a State grant in the amount of $1,086,600 for the design and construction of a pedestrian and bicycle connection to the CKC at NE 52nd Street. The improvements provide for the installation of approximately 2,000 feet of continuous ADA compliant sidewalks (where none exist) and bicycle facilities between 108th Avenue NE and Lake Washington Boulevard on NE 52nd Street. The project includes improvements to treat surface water runoff to nearby Lake Washington.

Art Integration Plan for the CKC

The City has contracted with The Berger Partnership to develop a full-fledged Art Integration Plan for the CKC. The Plan will include concepts of how public art can be employed to enhance the CKC experience. The Integration Plan, expected to be adopted by the Council in December 2015, will become a part of the CKC Master Plan. The City’s Cultural Arts Commission will be supporting this endeavor so look for upcoming public involvement opportunities. 

Eco-Charrette with sustainability experts nets top “eco-opportunities”

In May 2015, the City’s Green Team hosted an eco-charrette with sustainability experts to explore ecological opportunities within the CKC. Experts in various sustainable industries, including transportation, policy, recreations, landscape architecture, climate and energy participated.  The interactive workshop had participants consider specific conditions within the CKC and how it can provide a variety of environmental, social, and economic benefits to the community and region. Through a voting process, participants identified the top ten eco-opportunities. View a summary memo about the CKC Eco-Charrette to the City Council (Sept. 1, 2015) (PDF)

  1. City functions as collaborator
  2. Storytelling/cultural interpretation
  3. Tribal engagement
  4. Eco-certifications
  5. Connect east-west communities
  6. “Net zero” standards
  7. Emphasize pedestrian and cyclist priority
  8. Equitable multi-model connector
  9. Watershed and stream protection/restoration
  10. Trail-oriented development

Adding CKC to the Lake Washington School District School Walk Routes

Kirkland’s walkability factor is about to get stronger. The City has formally requested to the Lake Washington School District to have the CKC designated as a school walk route. Specifically, the City would like NE 52nd Street in the Lakeview/Central Houghton Neighborhoods to the point where 116th Avenue NE in the Highlands Neighborhood would intersect to the CKC (if 116th Ave NE continued through) be designated. This designation supports the vision for the CKC to be a vital connection to schools and the city’s goal of balanced transportation. The formal designation is anticipated in 2016.

ICMA Annual Conference: CKC is a featured tour

The City of Kirkland is proud to be hosting a field tour of the CKC as part of the 2015 International Association of City Management (ICMA) Annual Conference.   Registrants will get a first-hand look (and walk) along the CKC on September 28. The tour starts at Nytec and finishes at the South Kirkland Park and Ride. City Manager Kurt Triplett will share with participants how the Kirkland City Council embraced opportunity to create the CKC by taking risks during the great recession, created a catalyst for economic development, and leveraged resources by building public/private partnerships. 

September Brown Bag Lunch cancelled

The lunch, originally scheduled for September 28, is cancelled because staff will be leading the ICMA tour of the CKC that morning (see above).

CKC Trail Use Maps: Have you gotten yours yet?
Have you checked out the new CKC Interim Trail, Parks, Facilities and Trail Guide? [PDF] Use this map to explore Kirkland and the many parks and recreational features just footsteps from the Cross Kirkland Corridor. New trail connections are being made in 2015, so check back in early 2016 for an updated map.  For a printed version of the map, send a request with your name and address to or call 425-587-3011.

See you on the CKC! Stay connected with us: