Cross Kirkland Corridor Interim Trail


The current trail is called “interim” because the Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan calls for future improvements such as paving and other amenities that will be installed as funding becomes available. The master plan also includes the possibility of future high-capacity transit and existing and future regional utilities on the corridor (Sound Transit, Puget Sound Energy, and King County Wastewater own easements).

The Cross Kirkland Corridor interim trail is a ten-foot-wide, 5.75-mile crushed gravel trail that runs from the South Kirkland Park & Ride, at the City's southern boundary, north through the Totem Lake Business District. It is part of the 42-mile Eastrail corridor, which runs from Renton to Snohomish. The interim trail opened in early 2015 and is popular with walkers, joggers, and bike riders. It connects users to schools, parks, eight of the city's 13 neighborhoods, two of its major transportation hubs, and three business districts. The CKC embodies Kirkland’s vision of being a walkable, livable, connected, and sustainable community.

Trail Maintenance
Kirkland’s Public Works Department maintains the Corridor. Maintenance tasks include litter removal, refilling mutt mitt dispensers, graffiti patrol, invasive plant removal, trimming vegetation, and repairing trail and fence damage. Waste Management maintains the garbage receptacles.
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Speed Enforcement on the Trail
A speed limit of 15 miles per hour applies to all users of the trail, including those riding e-bicycles (which are allowed on the trail). The City of Kirkland has posted speed limit signs and trail rules and etiquette signs along the corridor. The Kirkland Police Department will conduct speed limit enforcement as staffing and time allows and will respond to calls to their non-emergency line (425-577-5656) about trail users creating hazardous conditions on the trail.

Videos of the Cross Kirkland Corridor