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April 2015 Update

April 16, 2015

New Connection! Rotary volunteers “step up” to build a new connection

On Saturday April 11, 2015, Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown volunteers and City Public Works staff dug through heavy railroad ballast to build the first set of steps for the NE 64th Street connection to the CKC (west side of CKC).  Because of the direct access to Lake Washington Boulevard and the waterfront parks, this CKC connection is a high priority for the community.  The landing was constructed at the end of the day, leaving just the last lift from the landing to the CKC to be done on Saturday, April 18 (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.).  Give a shout of thank you to the volunteers as you take your morning walk on the CKC or stop by and pick up a shovel.  Thank you Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown for making this connection happen!  Work Party photos posted to the CKC Facebook.

Neighborhood Safety Program: Recommended projects create more connections

And speaking on connections….when neighbors come together about the future of the CKC, great ideas are hatched! As part of the Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP), several projects are now on the “recommendations” list which will be reviewed by the City Council at its April 21, 2015 meeting. Proposals for 2015 include: concrete steps and a bicycle runnel from the southeast corner of the NE 68th Street/CKC bridge crossing (Lakeview/Moss Bay/Houghton/Everest Neighborhoods); rebuilding the steps and constructing a bridge at the north end of 116th Avenue NE (Highlands Neighborhood); and replacing the invasive vegetation with native species, replacing the broken street light, and enhancing the trail surface at NE 60th Street. A fourth NSP project to create a bicycle and pedestrian connection from Forbes Creek Drive (over private property and through a utility easement) is on hold due to a possible change in ownership of The Resort at Forbes Creek apartment complex.

Google expansion project:  Temporary detour has ended; Standard detour back in effect

Thanks for your patience recently as it was necessary for SRM Development to put in a temporary detour so that a 16-foot wide, 100-foot long permanent section of trail could be installed.  SRM did its best to sign the detour and hope that it wasn’t too much of an inconvenience.  The standard detour is back in effect through June 2015 (JPG) with as minimal interruption as possible.  The excitement is building for when SRM completes its improvements to the CKC  (PDF) scheduled for August 1.  SRM and the City will be hosting a community celebration in August.

Inquiring minds want to know…. When will the rails be removed on NE 124th Street and Totem Lake Boulevard?

We are often asked this question.  The City will be removing the rails and repaving the roadway at the intersection of NE 124th Street and Totem Lake Boulevard later this spring/early summer. In future updates, more information on construction sequencing and possible lane closure information will be published. This is a very busy intersection and the City is looking for ways to mitigate traffic impacts during construction.  CKC pedestrians and bicyclists are directed to use the signalized crossings at this location.

ERC RAC meeting, April 22, Kirkland City Hall

The Eastside Rail Corridor Regional Advisory Council (RAC) was created to coordinate the vision for the future use of the Eastside Rail (ERC). RAC partners include the City of Kirkland, City of Redmond, Sound Transit, Puget Sound Energy and King County.  The ERC RAC will be meeting on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 from 2:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. at Kirkland City Hall Council Chambers, 123 5th Avenue.  The public is welcome.

Get caught up on the CKC

An update to the City Council will be presented at its April 21, 2015 meeting.  Look for the staff memo to be posted online at (Search: City Council Agenda).  You can stream the meeting from the website.  Another great update is to watch Currently Kirkland, the city’s news program, which recently featured the CKC.

Naming contest of Police UTVs: Get your elementary school in the game by May 1, 2015

As a way to patrol the CKC, the Kirkland Police Department (KPD) has purchased two all-electric Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s).  The KPD is partnering with Lake Washington School District 5th grade classes in a “Name Those UTVs” contest.  Classes from Peter Kirk, Bell, Sandburg, Franklin, Juanita and Thoreau Elementary Schools are signed up.  Is your school in? (5th Grade class and combined 4th/5th classes).  Submit your two names to Patricia Ball, KPD, at 425-587-3408 or by May 1, 2015. There will be an online community vote to select the winning names.

Mother’s Day Half Marathon & 5K is coming to the CKC on Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mom would be so proud! And so are we!  The Eastside Subaru Mother’s Day Half Marathon & 5K is a Mother’s Day tradition. Runners and walkers of all skill levels participate in this scenic and supportive running and walking event. Both the half marathon and the 5K courses incorporate a challenging and rewarding route that includes picturesque views along the shores of Lake Washington. This year, the Mother’s Day Half Marathon boasts the first fun run on the CKC Interim Trail.  The course starts at Northwest University and ends at Juanita Beach Park – using the CKC between NE 112th Street and 108th Avenue NE.  Be sure to cheer on runners and walkers Sunday morning starting at 7:30 a.m. on the CKC.  For event information go to

Bike to Work Day, May 15: City hosts stations at Marina Park & CKC

Join thousands of bicycles on Friday, May 15 for Bike to Work Day and stop in at either of the Commuter Stations hosted by the City of Kirkland from 6 to 9 a.m.:  Marina Park Pavilion and Cross Kirkland Corridor/6th Street. This is a great “group exercise” for employees to take a ride together. More about Bike to Work Day can be found at

Maintenance of the CKC

Our Public Works Department is developing a maintenance plan for the CKC.  Please do you part to keep it clean.  You’ve got 11 new trash and recycling containers to use - especially to dispose of your pet waste.  Mutt mitt dispensers (sponsored by Seattle Veterinary Specialists) will soon be installed next to the trash cans so there’s no reason plastic bags of poop should be tossed along the Trail.  If you are interested in adopting a dispenser station, email  If you see a full trash can or empty mitt station, let us know by calling 425-587-3900 or emailing

On another maintenance note, homeowner and businesses must contact the city prior to any tree or vegetation trimming or removal along the CKC. Contact Kari Page, Cross Kirkland Corridor Coordinator at or call 425-587-3011.

A round of applause for the CKC

Recognition is a good thing! Especially when it comes to the CKC.  City staff have given presentations to the Cascadia Eastside Branch Collaboration, Washington Bike Summit and Feet First Walkable Washington Symposium.  But wait, there’s more!  Tours of the CKC will be given as part of the American Planning Association (APA) National Conference in April and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Annual Conference in September.

A Brown Bag to remember! A field trip on April 27

The next brown bag lunch will be one to remember!  Meet up with the group at noon on Monday, April 27 at 6th Street and the CKC.  The group will learn about the sculpture garden at Nytec, peak in the window at Chainline Brewing Company, and visit the construction site at Google to see the progress of the public improvements under construction. The brown bag lunch is a great way to get information about upcoming projects and plans on the CKC and to provide input on issues important to you.  For more information contact or call 425-587-3011.

See you on the CKC! Stay connected with us: