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Monthly Update – December 2014

December 19, 2014


The latest on the Interim Trail Construction

Progress continues to be made on the Cross Kirkland Corridor Interim Trail.  Crushed gravel has been put down the full length of the trail (from 108th Avenue NE to 132nd Avenue NE), concrete sidewalks have been installed at most of the intersections with pedestrian ramps currently underway.  Rapid flashing beacons at crosswalks, street lighting, and associated electrical work is being completed. New wood decking and railings are currently being installed at the NE 68th Street Bridge and are expected to be complete next week. Pedestrian crossing islands are underway at three crossings including 6th Street, NE 112th Street and 120th Avenue NE. The installation of fencing for safety and sensitive area protection is progressing rapidly throughout the corridor and expected to be complete in early January. The City is pushing the contractor hard to complete the work so the trail can open in early January 2015.

In order to allow the contractor to complete their work as efficiently as possible, we ask the public to stay away from active construction areas.  Thank you for your assistance.

Fencing along Corridor

Due to steep slopes, sensitive areas, and streams, the City determined certain sections of the trail required fencing.  Wood rail fencing was chosen to blend with the natural environment and provide a park-like feeling. 

Fencing and signage is used to keep people and their pets out of sensitive areas and wetlands and to protect trail users. Please respect the trail signs and stay within the fencing along the trail.

Regional issues affecting the CKC

Sound Transit Board announcement about updating regional transit Long-Range Plan:  On December 18, 2014, the Sound Transit Board of Directors adopted an updated regional transit Long-Range Plan (LRP). The LRP is the agency’s vision for a high-capacity transit (HCT) system serving the urban areas of Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties. In the nine years since the LRP was last updated, we have seen our region grow rapidly and demand for regional transit has steadily increased. The updated LRP provides a menu of options for expanding the system over many years. Learn more about what's in the updated LRP.

In 2015 and 2016 Sound Transit will begin engaging with local residents and jurisdictions to shape a ballot measure for consideration by the region’s voters as soon as November 2016. The Sound Transit Board is also asking the Washington State Legislature for new local revenue options that can be considered by voters.

Next year, Sound Transit is poised to begin a major public involvement effort to shape the Sound Transit 3 system plan. High-capacity transit investments are the best way - and in many cases the only way - to significantly expand transportation capacity in the state's most congested corridors as the region's population grows a projected 30 percent by 2040. Your involvement is needed to help shape the path forward. For more information:

The King County Eastside Rail Corridor (ERC) Regional Advisory Council (RAC) will be holding its regular meeting on January 28, 2015. Kirkland’s Mayor Walen and/or Councilmember Jay Arnold attends these meetings.  Click here for the RAC meeting schedule.  Agenda items will be posted closer to the date of the meeting.

Detour Update: SRM Development’s public improvements

SRM Development continues its construction of the expansion of the Google Campus.  With the construction comes improvements to the CKC which require a detour on the CKC.  Starting at the end of the 2014,the detour will be from the CKC to 6th Street South (JPG) wrapping around the existing Google campus and back again to the CKC.  SRM’s improvements to the CKC (PDF) are expected to be complete by June 2015.

Keeping the Corridor Clean and Keeping Dogs Leashed

We recognize how popular the CKC is (even when it’s closed) and are pleased that many enjoy walking their dogs.  We’re not so pleased to receive citizen complaints about littering along the CKC.  Signs are posted along the Corridor asking that users keep it clean.  We have volunteer groups that clean up the Corridor but due the construction closure, they have been unable to do so. 

We are in the process of ordering garbage and recycle cans and Mutt Mitt dispensers which will be installed along the Corridor after the Interim Trail is open.  We ask that pet owners be responsible with their pet’s waste and that users do not litter.  Maintenance requests for the Corridor can be reported to our Public Works service request email or by calling 425-587-3900.

Also, remember that dogs need to be on a leash along the Corridor.  Please visit Jasper’s Dog Park, an off-leash dog park, located at 11225 NE 120th Street.  Once the Interim Trail is open, energetic walkers and dogs will be able to walk from the Trail to Jasper’s Park!

January Brown Bag: Help plan the opening celebration of the Interim Trail

Hear about the final touches to the Interim Trail including garbage cans, Mutt Mitt dispensers, and trail access plans; discuss ways to prioritize trail connection improvements; and revisit ideas for the celebration of the completion of the interim trail at the next Brown Bag lunch.  Bring your great ideas to the 12 p.m. Monday, January 26, Brown Bag, at Kirkland City Hall, Council Chambers.  If you’re unable to attend, send your ideas to or share them on the CKC Facebook.

Best wishes for the holiday season and let’s stay in touch!