Holmes Point Street Design Standards and Corridor Study

Developing street standards for the Holmes Point Overlay area and safety improvements along Holmes Point Drive

Virtual Public Engagement: Meeting 3 - December 15, 2021

Draft concepts presentation - December 15, 2021(PDF, 18MB)

City staff and our consultant staff held the third engagement meeting on December 15, 2021 to present final draft concepts of Holmes Point Drive and neighborhood/local streets and receive community input.

Please use this form to submit feedback on the final draft concepts

This form will be accepting feedback through January 15, 2022. 

Online Public Engagement: September 2021

If you were unable to attend the May 20, 2021 meeting but would like to provide feedback, we have the presentation and also recorded the event for you to watch on this website.  During the May meeting, we utilized the breakout room feature in Zoom to facilitate conversations about the draft concepts.  We welcome further community feedback and have turned the questions asked during those breakout sessions into a web form and invite you to participate.  We will be holding a third community meeting in the near-future before taking the final report and recommendations to Council.  


Draft concepts presentation - May 20, 2021(PDF, 18MB)


Virtual Public Engagement: Meeting 2 - May 20, 2021

City and consultant staff held the second engagement meeting on May 20, 2021 to present draft concepts of Holmes Point Drive and neighborhood/local streets and receive community input. The recording of this session is available in the following video along with the presentation(PDF, 18MB).  The questions asked during the break out sessions are listed after the video. 

City staff will incorporate feedback from the community, as well as the May Transportation Commission meeting into the study before taking recommendations to Council this Summer.

Agenda and video timing:

If you want to jump around the video, the agenda/timing below indicates the start of each section.

Key considerations & update since last meeting (1:25)
Street Typographies and potential pedestrian and bicycle facilities (7:22)
Presentation of Holmes Point Drive proposed cross sections (16:54)
Holmes Point Drive breakout room recap (44:49)
Presentation of neighborhood/local streets and other facilities (53:37)
Neighborhood/local streets breakout room recap (1:19:19)
Questions/answers (1:31:54)




Virtual Public Engagement: Meeting 1 - Dec 3, 2020

City and consultant staff presented progress on this study project and received input during an online session via Zoom on December 3, 2020. The recording of this session is available in the following video along with the project story map and presentation slides in PDF format(PDF, 4MB)(PDF, 614KB).

Study Overview

Development has occurred in the Holmes Point Overlay zone with inconsistent street standards. There are several vehicular and pedestrian safety concerns along Holmes Point Drive and the adjoining neighborhood streets, such as pedestrians walking along the Drive and school children awaiting bus pickups. With anticipated development in the area, the City needs street standards so the community knows what to expect. The City is exploring options for unique street standards that recognize the specific nature of the Holmes Point area, but, as always, the City must balance any proposed changes with its duty to provide vehicular and pedestrian safety. 

The Council allocated funding to carry out this study; however, there is no funding allocated yet toward implementing its recommendations. 

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