NE 111th PL & 127th PL NE Infiltration Wells

  • Project typeSurface Water
  • Project value$1,602,680
  • Project scheduleJune 2024 - August 2024
  • Contractor nameNorthwest Cascade, Inc.


NE 111th PL Water Quality Map


The NE 111th PL and 127th PL NE Water Quality Project supports the City Council’s "Sustainable Environment" and “Dependable Infrastructure” goals. This project installs a stormwater filter vault and five new infiltration wells to help reduce neighborhood flooding and contribute to a healthy Forbes Creek. 

These deep wells allow rainwater runoff to soak into the ground, where soil acts like sponge and natural water filter.  Before rainwater runoff enters the wells, it will pass through a filter vault to remove oil, trash, dirt, and another pollutants. 

While this upgrade helps clean our rainwater runoff, we still need your help to keep the water as clean as possible. 

Visit to learn how you can help. 

How do the infiltration wells work?

Infiltration Well Graphic.png



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