Lake Street Pedestrian Scramble

  • Project typePedestrian scramble, including upgrades to sidewalks, traffic signals and stormwater system
  • Project value$3.627 million
  • Project scheduleSpring 2024 - Fall 2024
  • Contractor nameNew X, Inc.

RENDERING-from-Kirkland-Avenue-west.pngThe above illustration depicts Lake Street's intersection with Kirkland Avenue after construction on the pedestrian scramble is complete in December.


The City of Kirkland is planning in spring 2024 to improve downtown pedestrian safety, fix the failing underground stormwater infrastructure, and enhance a primary walking connection between Kirkland's waterfront and its downtown storefronts.

The Lake Street pedestrian scramble project will create a crosswalk at Lake Street's intersection with Kirkland Avenue that will allow people who are walking to cross the intersection in any direction when traffic is stopped.
To ensure that people who are walking and rolling are more visible to those who are driving, the project will elevate the intersection to be level with the surrounding sidewalks.

It will also upgrade the surrounding curb ramps and traffic signals.

The project will also replace a failing stormwater system, which will decrease risk of downtown flooding and prevent water from pooling at the raised intersection's base.

The surface, itself, will feature landscaping, street furnishing, lighting, pavers and decorative concrete that will aesthetically connect it to Park Lane.

How long will the Kirkland Avenue and Lake Street intersection be closed?

Eight weeks. Kirkland’s contractor will complete a series of weather-sensitive tasks during the eight-week closure of the Kirkland Avenue and Lake Street intersection.

The contractor is planning to begin the closure April 1 or within a few days of April 1 and to end the closure May 31 or within a few days of May 31. 

Those tasks include upgrading the intersection’s stormwater system and rebuilding its surface with asphalt and concrete. 


Did the City Council postpone construction until Spring 2024?

Yes. The City decided in May 2023 to postpone construction until spring 2024. However, City of Kirkland staff members are currently refining that schedule.

Regardless of the dates, construction will require a full closure of the intersection. During construction, people will still be able to walk or ride bicycles to businesses within the closure area.
During the closure, Kirkland’s contractor will detour automotive traffic around the closed construction site via Second Avenue South, Lakeview Drive and Central Way.
Of the three options the City considered in September 2022, the eight-week closure option was the quickest and the least expensive for Kirkland’s taxpayers.
One of the options would have partially or fully closed the intersection for 13 weeks—11 weeks of partly closing it and two weeks of fully closing it.
The other would have closed the intersection for 11 weeks—seven weeks of a partial closure and four weeks of a full closure.


What forms of travel will be limited during the closure?

Driving automobiles and riding bicycles on the affected streets will be prohibited. People will still be able to walk to businesses within the closure area.

How will downtown traffic detour around the closure area?


Kirkland’s contractor is currently expecting the eight-week closure to start in early April. 

During these eight weeks, New X, Inc., will complete a series of fundamental tasks that it would not be able to with an operating intersection. 

Foremost among those tasks is removing the intersection’s asphalt pavement surface and rebuilding the it with decorative concrete and pavers.

The City Council decided in September 2022 to expedite completion of the Lake Street pedestrian scramble project by closing its intersection with Kirkland Avenue for eight weeks during construction. 

People will still be able to walk or ride bicycles to businesses within the closure area. 

During the closure, Kirkland’s contractor, will detour automotive traffic around the closed construction site via Second Avenue South, Lakeview Drive and Central Way. 


Where will the streets be closed?

CLOSURE-MAP.png On the north leg of Lake Street, the closure will extend to--but not through--Park Lane. On the south leg, it will extend approximately 50 feet south of the alleyway that is on the south side of Homegrown. 

On the east leg of Kirkland Avenue, it will extend to the Kiwami Sushi Bar and Sake House.

On the west leg of Kirkland Avenue, it will extend to 88 Kirkland Salon. 

How will businesses receive their deliveries


This map(PDF, 85KB) shows where the load/unload zones are near the construction area. It also shows where private and public parking is available. 

Will people be able to walk or roll in the roadway within the closure area?

No. The roadway within the closure area will be an active construction zone with construction fencing surrounding it. 

Will Park Lane be closed to automobiles during the eight-week closure?

No. People driving automobiles southbound on Lake Street from Central Way will be able to access Park Lane. Park Lane will not be accessible for northbound vehicles. 

Will the project preserve street parking along Lake Street?

Yes. All existing parking spots that exist now will be available after construction is over. During the eight-week closure, all existing parking spots that are within the closure area will be unavailable during the closure.

How is Kirkland compensating for the loss of parking?

Kirkland is mitigating the loss of downtown parking during construction by converting a right-turn lane into temporary parking spots. 

During the eight-week closure, the City will convert Lake Street’s northbound to eastbound right-turn lane into nine temporary parking spots, reducing the downtown area’s net loss of parking from 32 to 23. The Marina Park and Lake and Central parking lots are also available during construction. 


Previous updates

Update (May 17) -- New X, Inc., is planning on Monday and Tuesday to close Kirkland Avenue, between Main Street and the construction zone, so concrete trucks can more efficiently and safely access the intersection.

The closure will begin at 7 a.m. on both days and will continue until 8 p.m.

The sidewalks will remain open for walking.


Update (May 15) -- New X, Inc., is planning on June 3 to re-open the Lake Street and Kirkland Avenue intersection to traffic.  


This is two days later than the City had expected.


Kirkland’s staff and leaders are aware of the inconvenience the delay can cause and are actively working with the contractor to ensure its crews can complete the required work quickly and return the intersection to traffic.


These efforts include allowing the contractor to work seven days a week and using a type of concrete that cures more quickly.   


New X requested permission to keep the intersection closed through Sunday, June 2, after a materials delay postponed the scheduled water shutdown by four days—from May 10 to May 15.


New X could not proceed with pouring the concrete until the water shutdown had occurred, which allowed its crews to relocate a fire hydrant.


The decorative concrete work is the project’s most visible, and, perhaps most vulnerable task. To ensure the concrete surface is attractive and durable, the contractor is relying on predictably dry weather to pour it. As such, any forecasted rain may further delay the concrete work and, as a result, the reopening of the intersection.

Update (May 13) -- Along with May 15’s midnight to 5:30 a.m. water shutdown, New X, Inc., is planning this week to prepare the intersection for its concrete surface. This means its crews will be fine-grading the intersection, setting concrete forms with rebar and, in some areas, pouring concrete.


New X will continue preparing the intersection for the installation of the traffic signals and will remove the fire hydrant from the southeast corner of the intersection, near Bank of America.


To prepare for the water shutdown, New X established a new air vacuum system last week and installed a new fire hydrant on the northeast corner of the intersection. Its crews also installed conduit for traffic signals and pedestrian lighting and made significant progress grading the intersection. 




Update (May 8, 2024) — The City of Kirkland’s water division is planning at midnight on May 15 to shut off water to homes and businesses on both sides of Lake Street, south of Kirkland Avenue.


The shutdown will affect Lake Street homes and businesses between Kirkland Avenue and Second Avenue South.


Water service will return by 5:30 a.m., May 15.


Kirkland’s water division staff will directly notify affected businesses and residents. Each affected business and residential building will receive one notification.


The purpose of the shutdown is to remove and replace a fire hydrant on the southeast corner of the intersection.


Update (May 7, 2024) — Kirkland’s Lake Street pedestrian scramble contractor is preparing the site this week for a water shutdown it is tentatively planning to conduct later this week or late next week.


New X, Inc., will confirm the date of the water shutdown on May 7. To minimize disruptions to local businesses, the shutdown will occur between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.


Affected community members will receive notice two days before the shutdown begins.


The shutdown is necessary to remove the fire hydrant that is currently located on the southeast corner of the intersection, near the Bank of American building and Homegrown.


The contractor is installing a new fire hydrant this week on the northeast corner of the intersection, near the Lake Street Diamond Company.


Also this week, New X, Inc., is continuing to prepare the intersection’s subgrade for its concrete surface and planning to install underground conduit through which it will later feed the electrical wires that will power the intersection’s new traffic signals.


Last week, New X reduced the intersection’s flood risk by completing the underground stormwater system. It also made significant progress with excavation. 



Update (April 30, 2024) — The City of Kirkland restored water service just after 9 a.m. today to the southeast leg of Lake Street’s intersection with Kirkland Avenue, after a New X., Inc., worker accidentally hit a connection point that resulted in a 75-minute water shut-off.


Community members will receive prior notice for any planned water outages. 


Update (April 29, 2024) — The goal of New X, Inc., this week is to continue making progress on the installation of the stormwater system. That goal, however, will likely be stymied during some periods by a network of other underground utilities—water, power and communication lines—around which Kirkland’s contractor will have to  work.


New X, Inc., is also planning to begin its installation of the electrical conduit for the intersection’s new traffic signals.


Last week, the contractor began trenching for the intersection’s new stormwater system; removed pavement and three Sweetgum trees on the west leg of Kirkland Avenue. 



Update (April 25, 2024) — New X, Inc., is planning to remove three Sweetgum trees tomorrow from the west leg of Kirkland Avenue.


One of the trees is on the north side of the Hallmark Realty building. The second and third trees are on the south side of the building that houses Alanya Café.


An image below identifies the three trees.


A consulting arborist assessed tree-health on Monday around the intersection and discovered the three trees that, for safety reasons, needed to be removed.


In short, various maintenance and utility projects over the years have likely injured the trees’ roots and, as such, reduced the trees’ stability.


The arborist is not confident that the doomed trees could withstand windstorms without falling over.


The project team is working with the planning department and Streets and Grounds to ensure they are removed according to the Kirkland Municipal Code. The team is also working with the landscape architect to plan possible replacement trees.



Striping nine parking spots on Lake Street, near Central Way

Update (April 18, 2024) — The City of Kirkland striped nine temporary parking stalls today on Lake Street, near its intersection with Central Way.


The parking spots will be available during New X, Inc.'s eight-week closure of the Lake Street and Kirkland Avenue intersection. 

June 1 is still the date Kirkland's contractor is planning to re-open the intersection to automotive traffic.


People can access each business by walking along the sidewalks that surround the construction zone. Bicycling on the sidewalks is prohibited. 



Update (April 5, 2024) — After the first week of a full closure, Kirkland’s Lake Street pedestrian scramble contractor is on schedule to re-open Lake Street’s intersection with Kirkland Avenue on June 1.

New X, Inc., completed the slew of essential tasks it planned to complete this week and began the demolition process.


J.R. Chapman, New X’s project manager, said demolition will continue next week.


“Demo will be done by the end of next week,” Chapman said.



Update (March 28, 2024) — Kirkland's Lake Street pedestrian scramble contractor is planning to close on April 1 Lake Street's intersection with Kirkland Avenue. 

New X, Inc. will establish the chain-linked fence around the construction zone on April 2. 

Pedestrians will have access throughout the intersection via sidewalks. Vehicle, however, will be prohibited. 



Update (March 26, 2024) -- Kirkland’s Lake Street Pedestrian Scramble contractor led a construction-area walk-through March 26 during which merchants viewed the areas of closure and access for pedestrians and vendors.


New X, Inc., plans to begin construction March 25 and to begin the eight-week closure April 1. Construction will continue through December. 



Update (March 22, 2024) — Puget Sound Energy is planning an additional power outage the night of March 27.


The utility provider expects to turn off power at 10 p.m., March 27 and to restore power by 5 a.m., March 28.


This outage will affect much fewer customers than the first two did. Puget Sound Energy will notify its affected customers directly.


Customers who do not receive notification will not lose power March 27.


Puget Sound Energy had planned for the March 20 – 21 outage to be its final outage.


During that outage, however, its crews encountered an unmapped line in one of its vaults that provided power to the Mariner apartment building.


Since Puget Sound Energy had not directly notified those residents of an outage, the utility provider chose to reschedule the outage to ensure it could notify all of its affected customers.



Update (March 14, 2024) — Puget Sound Energy says 115 of its customers will lose power during those hours. Seventy-two will lose power on the first night of the outages. And 51 will lose power on the second night. Eight customers will lose power on both nights.


Puget Sound Energy will notify all of its affected customers with a postcard it is sending out today. It will follow up the postcards with a series of automated phone calls tomorrow. The customers who will lose power on both nights will receive notice for each power outage.


Puget Sound Energy notifies only the customers, who will be losing power. If Puget Sound Energy does not notify a customer, that customer will not lose power.


A week after Puget Sound Energy completes its utility relocation, Kirkland’s contractor will begin the process of transforming the Lake Street and Kirkland Avenue intersection. New X, Inc, will devote much of its first days on the job to mobilizing and preparing the intersection for construction.


It plans to close down the intersection on April 1, or very soon, thereafter.


Kirkland staff, meanwhile, continues to identify micro-solutions that will ease the burden of construction on the downtown merchants. Along with converting into nine parking spots Lake Street’s right-turn lane onto eastbound Central Way, City staff is also trying to provide access to Lake Street’s entrance to the alleyway that is south of the Bank of America building.


Even if successful, this access would be intermittent; available only when the contractor isn’t actively using—or rebuilding—that area. 



Update (March 12, 2024) -- Puget Sound Energy’s crews are continuing to work in various locations of the Lake Street and Kirkland Avenue intersection.  


City of Kirkland staff members are expressing gratitude today for the patience and understanding exhibited by Kirkland's downtown merchants while Puget Sound Energy worked extended hours to restore power to its 182 customers.

Puget Sound Energy had prepared those customers to be without power from 10 p.m., March 1 to 5 a.m., March 2.


Unfortunately, Puget Sound Energy’s crews ran into a utility relocation that was more complicated than they had originally anticipated.


This extended the outage from 5 a.m. to noon--or later for some merchants.


Puget Sound Energy is planning at least one more outage near the end of its relocation project.


The relocation project’s last day is currently planned for March 19. 




Update (Feb. 23, 2024) -- Puget Sound Energy will be conducting a planned power outage on March 1 that will affect 182 of its customers. 


The outage will occur between 10 p.m. March 1 and 5 a.m. March 2. 


Puget Sound Energy notified all of its affected customers with a postcard on Feb. 22 and will remind those customers with an automated phone call on Feb. 26.


Customers who did not receive direct notification will not lose power.


The March 1 outage will be the first of two power outages Puget Sound Energy has planned for its vault relocations. The second will occur near or at the end of the utility relocation project. Puget Sound Energy plans to complete the project March 19. 


Puget Sound Energy is relocating the vault to make room for the Lake Street Pedestrian Scramble project. 



Update (Feb. 12, 2024) — Puget Sound Energy begins five weeks of utility relocations tonight in the Kirkland Avenue and Lake Street intersection.


Crews will be working from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. to relocate Puget Sound Energy’s existing electrical vault on the southwest corner of the intersection.


Most of the work will take place on the southwest corner of the intersection. However, the relocation could require some work on the southeast corner, as well as one night of work in Kirkland Avenue’s intersection with Main Street. That night is March 19 to March 20.


With the exception of Feb. 12, crews will be working nights to mitigate the effects of construction on traffic and commerce.


The work will generate construction noise.


To complete the utility relocation project, Puget Sound Energy is planning two power outages, which will occur at night and no earlier than March 1. Its communication staff is aiming to give their customers four to five days of notice prior each outage.


Puget Sound Energy is determining what areas of downtown the power outages will affect. 


Though unlikely, Puget Sound Energy could identify a need for other unplanned power outages. In those cases, it will provide as much notice as is feasible. 


Puget Sound Energy's current schedule is below:

Feb. 12: Remove wire. (Day work)

Feb. 13 – Feb. 28: Install electrical vault and conduit (Night work)

March 1: Re-install wire (Night work)

March 3 – March 19: Install electrical vault (Night work)

March 19 – March 20: Install wire (Night work)






View the City Council decision on closure duration(PDF, 1MB)


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