5th Avenue South & 8th Street South water main

  • Project typeWater & stormwater system upgrades
  • Project value$3.1 million
  • Project scheduleJanuary - May 2024
  • Contractor nameStrickland & Sons Excavating, LLC


A Kirkland contractor began upgrades Jan. 8 to the water and stormwater mains beneath Eighth Street South and Five Avenue South. 

The City is replacing 2,170 linear feet of six-inch concrete water main with 16-inch ductile iron. 

It is also upgrading sections of the stormwater system.

The contractor, Strickland & Sons, is now working 10 hours a day, between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday, until May 2024. 

To upgrade the water main beneath the Fifth Avenue South pathway, the contractor will have to remove­ the Laurel hedge on the path’s north side. Strickland & Sons might have to remove the rose bush along the path’s south side, as well. 

The City’s project staff is exploring strategies for preserving the shrubs.