Public Safety Cadets

Police Explorers

The Kirkland Public Safety Cadets consists of youth age 14 through 21 who are volunteers for the Kirkland Police Department. The program emphasizes experiential learning, providing cadets with a unique, close-to-the-action opportunity to discover what it's like to have a career in law enforcement. Through law enforcement mentorship and civilian partnerships, cadets receive hands-on training and practical demonstrations during their bi-monthly meetings, which occur on the 2nd and 4th Thursday evening of each month. These demonstrations/trainings can include: 

  • Defensive Tactics
  • Building Searches
  • Physical Agility
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Collision Investigation
  • Search and Seizure Procedures
  • Field Interviews
  • Report Writing
  • Firearms Training
  • Law Review
  • First Aid Certification
  • Bomb Squad
  • SWAT Operations
  • Crime Prevention 

Cadets’ duties, including volunteering in the City, provide real-life opportunities to serve the community, ranging from crime scene operations to security detail and crowd control at community events. They receive the benefit of hours that can be applied toward a senior project or put on a resume, and more importantly, they benefit from experiences that will prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.

Are you interested in becoming a Public Safety Cadet? If so, please email the Public Safety Cadets Mentor for an application to begin the process. This process includes a background check and parent/guardian authorization for those under 18.

For any additional information and/or an application, contact the Public Safety Cadets Mentors:

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