Neighborhood Resource Unit

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Our neighborhood resource officers serve as a liaisons between the police department and the community.

Duties of the neighborhood resource officer include attending neighborhood meetings, teaching children and adults about safety, conducting safety assessments of resident’s property, assisting with homeless outreach, and coordinating events such as National Night Out and the Community Academy.

The central strategy of the neighborhood resource officer program is community policing, an approach to policing that brings police and community members together to prevent crime and solve neighborhood problems. In this model, the emphasis is on stopping crime before it happens, not responding to calls for service after the crime occurs.

Meet our Neighborhood Resource Officer
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Officer Tiffany Trombley

Officer Tiffany Trombley is a veteran police officer with the City of Kirkland. She worked with the Des Moines Police Department before being hired in 2010 for Kirkland's 2011 annexation. She has worked as a patrol officer, training officer and most recently selected to be one of our neighborhood resource officers.  Officer Trombley is one of our Public Information Officers, department instructors, and Crisis Intervention Team Coordinators. Officer Trombley said after being selected for the NRO position "I am excited to be a liaison for the police department. I hope to work together and bring creative ideas and solutions to problems affecting our community!"  



Meet our Mental Health Professional
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Renee Cox

Renee Cox is a licensed Mental Health Professional (MHP) who has been partnering with the Kirkland Police Department in different capacities for over 6 years. With the passage of Proposition 1 in 2018, the Kirkland Police Department was able to hire Renee full time as an MHP.

Renee has a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology and has extensive experience in community mental health. Currently, Renee co-responds with officers to 911 calls that may have a mental or behavior health component that she can assist with in the moment, as well as provide resources and referrals. Also, Renee and her main partner, the Neighborhood Resource Officer (NRO) Tiffany Trombley, provide planned outreach into the community to help folks with on-going need for support and referrals to mental health, housing, financial assistance and other resources. When not working with the City of Kirkland, Renee trains law enforcement all over Washington State in verbal de-escalation and also enjoys leisure time with her family.