Firearms Safety

In 2018, Kirkland voters passed the Enhanced Police Safety Services and Community Safety ballot measure, also known as Proposition 1. This safety measure allowed the Kirkland Police Department to provide additional services for the community.

One of the goals of the Prop 1 safety measure is to provide information about gun safety in order to reduce accidents involving firearms. Free safety education for firearm owners was requested by the community during gun safety and community safety discussions that took place in 2018. An educational video series has been created for those interested in learning more about firearm safety.

Video 1: Introduction


Video 2: Safety Rules

Next in the video series: Firearms in the Home


Free Gun Locks

As part of the program, KPD is offering complimentary gun locks to those who request one.  If you live in Kirkland and would like a free gun lock, please send an email to and include your name and mailing address.


Additional Resources

Centers for Disease Control: About Firearm Violence Prevention

Lifewire: Domestic Violence and Guns

For more information about human services available to the community, go to the Human Services Resources page.