Planning and Building Staff Directory


Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Adam Weinstein, AICP Planning & Building Director 425-587-3224
Prins Cowin, CAP, OM Administrative Supervisor 425-587-3231
Justine Mason Administrative Assistant 425-587-3234
Karin Bayes Office Specialist 425-587-3236
Shaylyn Johanson Office Specialist 425-587-3291
Jim Marti Office Specialist 425-587-3626
Yang Guo Records Management Specialist 425-587-3672
Taylor Twiford Receptionist/Administrative Clerk 425-587-3233
Sean D. Conway Records Management Specialist, On-call 425-587-3209


Policy and Planning - Long Range Planning

Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Jeremy McMahan  Deputy Planning Director  425-587-3229

David Barnes, CSBA, LEED AP


Senior Planner 425-587-3250

Scott Guter, AICP, LEED AP

Senior Planner 425-587-3247
Janice Swenson Senior Planner 425-587-3257
Allison Zike, AICP Senior Planner 425-587-3259
Nick Cilluffo Senior Planner 425-587-3263


Land Use Management - Development Services

Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Dawn Nelson Development Services - Planning Manager 425-587-3230
Desiree Goble, AICP Planner 425-587-3251
Kaylie Duffy Planner 425-587-3228
Jon Regala Planning Supervisor 425-587-3255
Christian Geitz Planning Supervisor 425-587-3246
Tony Leavitt Senior Planner 425-587-3253
Aoife Blake Associate Planner 425-587-3262
Jen Anderer Planner 425-587-3239
Peter Milliken  Assistant Planner 425-587-3237
David Aldridge III Planner 425-587-3256
Martha Rubardt Planner 425-587-3226
Kyle Cotchett Planner 425-587-3254
Gillian Hagstrom Assistant Planner 425-587-3249


Code Enforcement

Name Title Phone Number Email Address
DeVany Lunde Code Enforcement Officer 425-587-3289
Shannon Sedlacek Code Enforcement Officer 425-587-3290


Urban Forestry

Name Title Phone Number Email Address
Deb Powers Urban Forester 425-587-3261
Katy Hogan Development Review Arborist 425-587-3289


Building Staff

Name  Title  Phone Number  Email Address 
Kurt Aldworth  Building Official  425-587-3604  
Stephanie Day  Business Analyst  425-587-3636 


Permit Technicians

Name  Title  Phone Number  Email Address 
Steve Lybeck   Permit Technician Supervisor   425-587-3607 
Kelly Kinssies  Permit Technician  425-587-3643 
Terri Jones  Permit Technician  425-587-3627 
Suzanne McCauley  Permit Technician   425-587-3622 
Mary Isgrig  Permit Technician  425-587-3565 
Ario Azadi  Permit Technician 425-587-3631 
Jeff Mathews  Permit Technician  425-587-3606  
Sue Liebling   On-Call Permit Technician  - 


Building Plans Examiners

Name  Title  Phone Number  Email Address 
Tom Jensen   Plan Review Supervisor  425-587-3611  
Angela Haupt  Senior Plans Examiner  425-587-3610 
Patrick McJunkin  Plans Examiner II 425-587-3668  
Cliff Jones  Journey Plans Examiner  425-587-3612 
John Rientjes  Senior Plans Examiner 425-587-3630

 Trewin Chan Journey Plans Examiner 425-587-3618

 James Tumelson 

On-call Plans Examiner  



Name  Title  Phone Number  Email Address 
Clell Mason  Inspection Supervisor  425-587-3613 
Kevin Naslund   Lead Inspector   425-587-3608 
John Hosea  Electrical/Building Inspector II  425-587-3620 
Mike McGivern  Electrical/Building Inspector II  425-587-3616 
Jeri Hall  Electrical/Building Inspector   425-587-3615 
Bill Bern  Electrical/Building Inspector   425-587-3635 
Rene Van Loveren  Electrical/Building Inspector II  425-587-3640 
Gary Bartelheimer  Electrical/Building Inspector II  425-587-3674 
Mel Orkney  Building Inspector  425-587-3609 
Brett Salvesen  Electrical/Building Inspector  425-587-3619 
Justin Hawley  Building Inspector  425-587-3673 
Laszlo Farkas  Electrical/Building Inspector  425-587-3022 
Tim Swanson  On-call Electrical/Building Inspector