Former Houghton Community Council

On July 9, 2022, Community Municipal Corporations, including the Houghton Community Council, were sunset by State law (House Bill 1769).

The Houghton Municipal Corporation was created following the merger of the City of Kirkland with the City of Houghton in August of 1968. For the following 53 years, an elected Community Council exercised advisory and disapproval authority over certain zoning and land use matters within the former Houghton City boundaries. That authority has left a number of differences in regulations that apply within the former Houghton boundaries compared to the City boundaries. The Planning Commission and City Council will be reviewing those regulations in 2022. 

If you have questions about land use and zoning in the Houghton area, please contact the following:

  • Questions about applicable regulations within the former jurisdiction of the Houghton Community Council? Contact the Planning and Building Department at 425.587.3600 or submit a request through Our Kirkland 
  • Questions about Zoning Code and Municipal Code amendments related to the sunsetting of the Houghton Community Council? Contact Nick Cilluffo at 425.587.3263 or
  • Want to become more involved or learn more about Houghton Area neighborhoods? Visit the Neighborhood Associations page to learn more.


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