Community-Initiated Amendment Requests

Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Map or Zoning Code can be initiated by the public. These Community-Initiated Amendment Requests (CARs) may be made by an individual, property owner, neighborhood organization, or other group. New CAR applications are due on December 1st of each even year. Applications received are then reviewed by the City during the subsequent year. The next deadline for applications is December 1, 2022.
A CAR may be submitted to amend any aspect of the Comprehensive Plan such as the land use map, the general elements, or a neighborhood plan. A CAR may also involve related amendments to the Zoning Map or the Zoning Code. In the case of a CAR where the applicant is not the property owner, the applicant must notify the property owner in writing of the request. 

Community-Initiated Amendment Requests that propose a significant change in use or in density, or a major policy change, are typically deferred for consideration to when the applicable neighborhood plan is updated. 

Current CAR Applications

Phase I - Community-Initiated Amendment Requests 2021


Phase II - Community-Initiated Amendment Requests 2020


Applying for a CAR


Community-Initiated Amendment Requests (CARs) are reviewed through a two phase process.

Phase I - Threshold Review: Planning Commission reviews submittals and recommends to City Council which merit further consideration.  The City Council then determines which requests will advance for further review. 

Phase II - Final Decision: Planning Commission holds public hearing and makes a recommendation to the City Council.  The City Council considers the recommendation and makes the final decision on the request.

Neighbors and community members are encouraged to participate in both phases of the Community-Initiated Amendment Request process including sending comments to or addressing the Planning Commission, Houghton Community Council (where applicable) at public meetings and hearings, and City Council as the requests are considered. 

Community-Initiated Amendment Request Application

Schedule (dates are subject to change)

Phase I - Threshold Determination Process

Step 1: Community-Initiated Amendment Request Phase 1 applications due Dec. 1, 2022

Step 2: Planning Commission review and recommendation to City Council February - March 2023

 Step 3: City Council decides which requests should be further reviewed and the timeframe for review April - May 2023

Phase II - Final Decision Process

Step 1: CAR Phase 2 applications submitted if City Council authorizes further review

Step 2: Planning Commission studies applications. For site specific CARs, the study area may be expanded to include additional properties

Step 3: Planning Commission hold public hearing and makes recommendation to City Council

Step 4:City Council makes final decision