Youth Council



Diverse Youth Taking the Initiative and Acting as a Positive Voice in Our Community

The Kirkland Youth Council is a group of about 45 middle and high school students who serve as the official advisory board on youth related issues and concerns to our City Council. They research, develop, and implement a wide variety of programs, activities, and resources for Kirkland teens. Members are highly respected in the community for their innovation, dedication, and positive influence for over 25 years.  These teens can and have made a positive impact on Kirkland. 

Annual New Member Application Process

Our annual new member recruitment and selection process takes place during the fall.  Details including the application form will be posted in August.

We've Got Issues Video Program

We’ve Got Issues is a quarterly video project produced, scripted, and edited by teens for teens. The Kirkland Youth Council works in cooperation with the the City's film production team to produce this program that airs five times a week on Channel 29 (Check airing schedule). Some of the topics that we have covered include, the new Teen Parties, Distracted Driving, Teen Suicide, and many more.  Visit the City's YouTube Channel for the latest videos.

All-City Youth Summits

2018 Youth Summit.jpg In the spring of every even year, the Youth Council hosts the All-City Youth Summit. Middle and high school students come together for the day-long event to discuss issues, come up with new ideas, and fun. Information gathered from the summits are used to shape the workplan for the Youth Council.  

Excerpts from the 2018 Summit can be found on the City's YouTube Channel.  For the 2020 Youth Summit, a virtual panel discussion was held focusing on teens and the pandemic.  

Student Rights Information

The Student Rights informational pages were the result of feedback received from participants of the 2018 Kirkland All-City Youth Summit.  Student rights are those rights, such as civil, constitutional, contractual and consumer rights which regulate student rights and freedoms and allow students to make use of their educational investment.  The pages can be accessed here.

Where to Care Teen Volunteer Guide

The Where to Care Guide is a helpful resource for teens looking for community service opportunities on the eastside.  The publication lists over 100 organizations that accept volunteers under age 18.  Each entry is listed based on area of interest, minimum age, time commitment, contact information, and more! The guide can be found here.

Respect Booklet on Youth-Police Relations

The Respect Booklet is the product of police and teens working together and communicating with one another about how their perspectives and experiences shape their reactions. This resource addresses many issues and questions that teens may have about the law and interactions that they might have with police. Originally printed in 1996, the booklet was updated in 2003, 2009 and 2015. The year-long process to update the guide brought Kirkland Police Officers and Kirkland Youth Council members together to work side by side. Several meetings took place where both groups conversed and compared notes on situations they have encountered and had questions about. Out of these meetings came the topics that are included in the new version of the booklet; dating violence, parties, cell phone laws, harassment/bullying, on-line safety, and more. You can also download the document here.