Court Forms

Public Defender Application - online application to obtain a public defender 

Access To Court Records(PDF, 139KB) 

Order Granting Deferred Prosecution(PDF, 249KB)

Mitigation Hearing by Mail form(PDF, 83KB)  

Contested Hearing by Mail form(PDF, 82KB)  

Probation Agency Referral Summary Sheet(PDF, 162KB)  

AA Log(PDF, 17KB) 

Community Service Verification(PDF, 136KB) 

Parking Hearing Request Form(PDF, 49KB) (add your vehicle plate number to your filing)

Infraction Hearing Request Form(PDF, 65KB) (add your driver's license or Washington ID number to your filing)

Motion to Modify or Terminate Domestic Violence No-Contact Order(PDF, 61KB)  

Note: The following forms are maintained as PDF files. You will need a current version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free download) to view and print these files.  Get Adobe Reader