Cable Franchise & Discounts

Cable Franchise

Cable television regulations and enforcement for all customers within the City limits is the responsibility of the Cable Franchise Administrator at the City of Kirkland. The City of Kirkland maintains a non-exclusive cable television franchise with Comcast and Ziply. To reach the customer service department for Comcast call 1-888-262-6300. To reach the customer service department for Ziply call 1-866-699-4759. If you have a cable television service problem that has not been resolved through direct efforts with Comcast or Ziply, you can contact the Cable Franchise Administrator at the City of Kirkland by calling 425-587-3207. Should either of the channels be down or not working properly, please immediately call the Digital Communications Manager at (425) 587-3157.

Cable Television Discounts

The cable operator, Comcast, as part of its negotiated franchise agreement with the City of Kirkland provides a 30% discount off of Basic or the Basic portion of Expanded Basic when not discounted by inclusion in a promotion or programming package. To qualify, you must prove:

  • You or your spouse (if married) are at least 65 years of age or older or;
  • Permanently disabled as determined by the Social Security Administration and;
  • If single, you receive $2,637.50 or less gross monthly income or;
  • If married, you receive $3,012.50 or less gross monthly income and;
  • Legal owners or tenants of the dwelling unit.

These qualifying requirements are updated in February of every year.

If you believe you meet these requirements you may contact the Cable Franchise Administrator by calling (425) 587-3207 for additional information and to receive the forms or; you may email the Cable Franchise Administrator with your request at

You may also download the Information and Affidavit for Reduced Cable Rate for Low Income Senior Residents and Residents with a Permanent Disability form(PDF, 152KB). You will also need Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program) to view or print these files. Completed forms should be delivered:

In person to:
City Hall Customer Service Desk 
123 Fifth Avenue, Kirkland, WA 98033
(located near City Hall North Entrance)
By postal mail to:
City of Kirkland
Attn: Cable Franchise Administrator
123 Fifth Avenue
Kirkland, WA 98033-6189
Or electronically by:
E-mailing completed forms in Adobe PDF format to